Tuesday, September 30, 2008

apparently Americans are in the mood for some comfort food...

In yesterday's lucky 777 nose dive on wallstreet, only ONE stock went up...Campbell's.
Apparently we all would like to have a nice hot bowl of comfort...makes perfect sense to me. I wish I would have thought of that before my WAMU stock (all whopping 31 shares of it or whatever) turned to dust.


Just a daily dose of cute

this is Amanda, last week:

I'm too sassy for my boots...

no caption needed:

the moments I love the most...

needs a caption but I'm not sure what it should be...

Oh my God, its Spiderman!!

And for equal opportunity cute-ness-istic-ism

DJ "X" rockin it from the booth with the Darth Vader theme...this one's for the ladeeeeeez

To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God (Victor Hugo from Les Miserables)

Ok I hate to do this, but I have to. Bill Maher is a sad, ridiculous jackass. The idea of saying that all people who believe in any God are irrational and somehow less intelligent than people who don't believe is so insulting to me that it really gets my hackles up. I could quote some of the shit he said on The View, but I don't have any quotes handy. You're entitled to your own opinion and set of beliefs or non-beliefs, but to ridicule those who believe is plain stupid.

Up to 75 or 80% of the world believes in SOMETHING. So somehow Bill Maher is the enlightened one here? puh-lease!!

Am I saying that all believers are good peoople? no. Do they all do good in the world? hell no. But to say that we are stupid...come on.

Frankly my point is that life is too short, no matter what you do or don't believe, to focus on making people feel like crap about themselves and trying to convince people of your own point of view. Its circular reasoning really. You are allowed to not believe, so leave the people who do believe alone.

Go live on an island with Michael Moore and you can argue and depress each other to death.

There is a difference between the quest for the truth, and the quest for superiority and the desire to say "I'm right!"

To be on this journey, on this road of life, and to trample the people who happily travel this road just because you are bitter...that is just so pathetic.

**and as an addendum, I'll just throw it out there and I'm not sure why I added it to this particular post. Maybe because my Bill Maher bashing paints me as heavily right leaning. I don't feel the need to defend myself, but I think I'm furthering my point about leaving people alone in their beliefs...

and I would like to take this moment to tell all of my relatives, whom I love, to either stop reading, or do some yoga breathing, or brace yourselves...

I don't see how gay marriage is hurting any of our hetero marriages. Frankly if 2 people love each other enough to commit their lives to each other and take care of each other and make each other happy...that's just 2 more happy people in the world, as opposed to more people like Bill Maher. I think marriage takes more hits from people who diminish the concept of marriage by laughing in its face and mocking it with their non-existent or 5 minute marriages (Joy Behar, Goldie Hawn, everyone in Hollywood). If there are 2 people willing to do that kind of work to have a union, more power to them! Love is love. I don't have to agree with their politics or beliefs or anything they do. But if they want to treat marriage as the sacred bond it is...then rock on. Like I said people loving each other is better than people hating each other.

deep breaths people...in thru the nose, out thru the mouth...Its oooookaaaaay.....

Monday, September 29, 2008

News Soapbox

So let me see if I have this straight:
so the housing market was artificially inflated, people took out big loans, more than they could afford, greedy bankers grinned and asked the dummies to "sign here" and now everything is licking the floor of the bus station bathroom. The US economy is in the toilet and this magical "bailout" plan basically puts the burden on the taxpayers...? So we all are supposed to pay more taxes, in an economy where many of us are just making ends meet if we're lucky, in order to save some mortgage lenders from jumping out of some windows??

That's the best they can come up with? really?

(see one of 5 million articles here. I chose this one because it was succinct and actually said something. Most of the articles are so vague and meaningless...because basically, no one freaking knows what this "bailout" thing really is. Its a big fuzzy enigma...with a huge price tag. It'd be like drinking 8 shots of tequila, putting your contacts in flour, then putting them back in your eyes, and going shopping in Louis Vuitton.. only times a billion or so. )

and in other news...
mystery meat washes ashore in Jersey. I'm glad this doesn't happen in Pismo!
In all seriousness, the geek in me really wants to know what it is. What animal is it from and what organs are they? And who blew it up (maybe Palin blew it up from a helicopter)? weird.

I think Congress and the House should have to eat this mystery meat until they come up with a plan that doesn't tax my ass off.

wow, that is just evil. I made myself laugh. and I think its a good idea. =)
OR...maybe we should trade that mystery meat to China...cuz they are such a good trade partner and all...only attempting to poison us, our children, and our pets a dozen or so times in the last year. The freakin prehistoric whale liver or whatever it is is probably safer than half the shit we import from China on a daily basis.

I have to go yell at my barking dog now. 'Nite!

Now on "Random" in my car CD changer...

This is quite possibly the best album I have forked out any money for in quite a while:

Sara Bareilles, Little Voice

Despite my attempts to discover the facts, I can't determine if she writes her songs, and lyrics or just her songs, or just her lyrics or...I just don't know. Whoever did it is great. The lyrics are real poetry and I absolutely love this album. Her voice is the voice I should have had! Its just beautiful. I am wondering if there is a common denominator among this album and Fiona Apple's first album, "Tidal" because there are some strong similarities. Maybe its just an influence.

Lovin it!

I also watched "Baby Mama" the other night. I had fairly low expecations of it...I knew it would give me a couple of good laughs. Man, that Tina Fey is a talented writer! I laughed so hard...my favorite line from the movie is when Amy Pohler's character goes into labor, and they are in the car and she says something like "Yeah its funny cuz I feel really calm" and then it cuts to them entering the hospital with her in the wheelchair, screaming, "Oh my God it feels like I'm shitting a knife!!!!"

I wheezed for 10 minutes. Maybe cuz I just shit that knife a few months ago. LOL

Oh, the knife is waking up...gotta run. =)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleep, or lack thereof

I was at a birthday party and someone asked me if Amanda was sleeping through the night for me. I just sort of smirked and said "oh, no, not even remotely!" and she looked at me with a mixture of horror, judgment and pity... I swear. I wish you could have seen the look on her face.

I should just carry this article around with me because this is a hot issue in our family:


news flash: children are not always convenient and that's not really their mission in life. I won't pull out the soapbox on this issue...just yet...

and speak of the little devil...I hear her stirring.

Dog Bloat

well since Amanda has been really going for the table food, alot of it ends up on the floor. Luckily we have 3 dogs and there is always one handy for cleanup. Mona, the chihuahua, is in the house most of the time and she's closest to the floor so she's the best cleaner. (Dixie tends to do that stupid dog thing where when you point at the food she looks at your finger...) Mona is usually curled up on a pile of blankets behind the couch and with all the chaos in the house lately, we really haven't taken much time to really look at Mona. But last night I looked at her and absolutely had to do a double take, then I had to check that I was awake. Mona is not normally a skinny dog. She's a large breed of chihuahua and weighs in at about 11 or 12 lbs. I swear to you in the last week or maaaybe 2 weeks she must have gained 3 lbs! She was positively rotund!! She was bloated! she waddled!! I felt so bad! I think she must have gone out to poop 6 times last night and today she seems a bit more herself. When she fell asleep on the ottoman last night, I noticed she was sort of quietly moaning on the exhale...she had that like Thanksgiving belly ache thing. Poor Monie!! Anyway, she's on a diet now. And no more table scraps for her. We called in Dixie for clean up tonight...she's much better suited for the variety of foods anyway. She's a total garbage disposal...she actually ate cloth once and we were soooo worried that she'd end up having to have surgery. But nope. It just came out the other end. It was good prepraration for motherhood actually...I had to go in the yard and look in her poop to check for the passage of all the pieces of cloth. I could just imagine a piece staying in there and getting infected...ugh. So yes, I actually retrieved all the pieces to put the cloth puzzle together and only then did I rest easy.
(Not that you have to sort thru your kids poop or anything but you have to get pretty comfortable with bodily functions in motherhood, poop being the very least. Ever catch vomit in your hand? yeah.)

Then a couple years ago, she and Travis both ate an entire tray of brownie bites that I got from the store for a party we were having. Brownies. Now I know we all know chocolate is bad for dogs. But an M&M or 2 is far different from a plate full of brownies! Most candy contains very little actual cocoa. It is my understanding that its the theobromine in cocoa that is toxic. Well of all the dessert recipes, only a few use an amount of cocoa that is significant...brownies being one of them! So I got on the internet and obsessively searched what a toxic level of theobromine would be for a dog of her weight, and approximately how much cocoa/theobromine would be in a plate of brownies...I crunched imaginary numbers all night.

The damn dogs didn't do more than make a poopy mess on the lawn, thank God. She is made of iron, that dog. Travis fared worse than she did but they were both lucky. And now that I know her behavior around Travis better than I did back then, I am pretty sure Travis probably only got a sniff and a couple licks of brownie before Dixie greedily inhaled all of them herself. Further proof of how tough she is.

Her food stealing ways go way back to the first week we had her when she stole our filet mignons off the counter where they were defrosting. I found them in the backyard and she had just kind of chewed the juice out of them and left them on the grass. I was sickened to see a good cut of beef just be wasted that way so I scooped up the steaks, cooked them, ground them up and fed them to her properly.

Friggin dogs.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


do I always have the urge to bleach something when I am wearing my favorite brightly colored shirt? without fail, I am always wearing said shirt when I have bleach in my hand. I have never even considered bleaching something when I'm wearing a raggedy white shirt, or considered stopping my OCD moment of bleaching to put on a raggedy white shirt. Why do I have color masochism?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do I have to draw you a picture??!

My son is very willful. VERY. I used to think the "strong willed child" was crap...then I met my son. We have tried many tricks and techniques to survive his wilfulness. As you know if you're a parent, you must win. If I got a full nights sleep all the time and felt energetic, that wouldn't be that hard. But the kid wears you down more than enemy torture!! Anyway, lots of simple things are big fights. He fights us on everything. So we've enlisted this rationale with him, per the suggestion of our counselor: "you have 2 choices: you can make the right choice the first time, or you can make a wrong choice, get in trouble, make everyone upset, get a time out, and eventually have to make the right choice anyway. Which way do you want to do this?"
He mostly gets it but it seemed a bit abstract to me so I took it upon myself to draw him a picture. I think its mostly self explanatory. No one told me that I would need these kinds of skills as a mom! You know what, bring Osama Bin Ladin to the starbucks downtown (let's pretend we can find him). I will meet him there with my son. My son will either successfully negotiate peace, or wear the man down to a nub. Maybe we should just draw a picture for Osama...I'll post that one later. LOL. So my son pointed to the "right choice" house and asked "is that school?"
I replied,"that is a symbol. It can be school, or our house, or church, or a friends house, or Papa's house."
"Oh! let's say its a friend's house! Can I go to Jenelle's house?"
"No baby, focus. See how there's you, and there are 2 roads?"
"see how one road is smooth and easy and has a happy face?"
"What do you notice about the other road?"
"Its got scribbles"
"Yes, those are supposed to be weeds, rocks and holes. Mommy doesn't draw as good as your friend Isaac."
"Isaac draws really good dinos...with spikes"
"I know. SO, which road do you think you should take? Lets look. If you take the happy road, you get to the right choice with no problems. If you take the other road, you have to trip over all this stuff and fall over rocks, you have to go around this big ol' tree..."
"can I climb it?"
"No, it just is there in your way. So you have to go around the tree, and then you fall in that hole and have to get out of the hole. You still have to end up making the right choice anyway, but look how much trouble you had to go through to do that when you could have just taken the happy road and brrrrrssssst you're at the right choice and its easy. Do you understand?"
"Ok, so in the morning when you get dressed, which road are you going to take to do that?"
"this one (pointing to the happy road)"
"good. I love you. "
"love you too. Can I go to Jenelle's house?"
"No, I gotta go, the baby is crying. love you g'nite!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Societal Contributions by Spongebob Squarepants

So my son, who will be 5 this winter, was "reading" us a story. He held "something wicked this way comes" in his little hands and turned to the chapter of his choice and proceeded to read it something like this:
"So Patrick and Spongebob went to Pump It Up and Disneyland and they said hi to Kiki and then Patrick, the dumbest starfish in all of the ocean, farted on Spongebob's face and pooped in his pants. Being dumb is a great responsibility. and then they all died. "

and while I paraphrase, that is not too far off from reality. The take home message from this, which my son has gleaned from days of watching Spongebob, is "Being dumb is a great responsibility". This has been my mantra for several days now.

Being a parent is challenging, sleep depriving, challenging, rewarding, challenging, fun, and beautiful. My son is the funniest person I know (next to my husband who can make me laugh until the only sound I can make is a squeak while tears roll down my face and I slap my hand against the counter begging for mercy) and it is in moments like our little story time that I am most grateful for him, and our crazy ass family.

Let us all ponder the responsibilities of stupidity, shall we? you can skip the pooping in your pants part if you wish...

chat amongst yerselves.

grammar part I

Ok, I am not going to get up on this soapbox without disclaiming that I am not perfect. I commit comma splicing crimes. I'm not sure what a dangling participle is. I'm not sure about predicates and all that crap. I didn't pay attention to grammar lessons because I was much more interested in literature; and grammar as well as spelling, frankly, came naturally to me. My Papa's genes gave me an innate sense of language. I'm not perfect. However, my skin crawls when certain egregious crimes of English are committed. Let's discuss this, shall we.

PEOPLE! There is NO "M" in the word VOLUPTUOUS...meaning curvy, shapely, rubinesque...trust me...I know a thing or 2 about voluptuousness. there is NO "M" IN THAT WORD!! It is NOT volumptuous. Gawd that makes me want go screaming down the street every time someone says that.

Also, if you are trying to give someone the verbal finger, the phrase is "I could not care less", NOT "I could care less".

"I could care less" is meaningless. What you are saying is I care a little, but I could care less. What you want to say is "I could not possible care any less than I do about this topic...it resides at the lowest possible place on the Kelly spectrum of things that I give a shit about."

Where is it at? I'll tell you where it's at. It's in the 3rd grade when they taught you not to end your sentences in prepositions. I don't care if you heard the local newscaster say "they don't know where the body is at". It's wrong. My Papa McClain will roll over in his grave if you do it again. And while we're remotely on the subject of Papa, here's a non sequitur: get your flag off the ground and take it down at dusk please. Patriotism is beautiful but the flag has certain measures of etiquette due to it.

Moving on, and this is a big one...

Conversate. SO not a word. Oh my Gawd people. You participate in a converSATION by CONVERSING. Not converSATing.

Irregardless - also not a word. Ir - not meaning infrared, not meaning the symbol for the element iridium. Ir, prefix meaning not, or opposite of.

less - suffix meaning without.

regardless. without regard. ir-regardless. Meaningless. Not without regard? Meaning it IS regarded, in which case you just wasted 3 syllables of your life on a meaningless word.

Did you go to college? No? Well I know a lot of people who didn't and they still don't say "irregardless"! Perhaps the word you are searching for, in order to make yourself seem more intelligent by use of extra syllables is "irrespective".

Irrespective of your education, when one DOES go to college or start a new job and you have to go to that little mini-class on what to do and where to go and stuff, its an orientation.

when you get lost in the woods, and the temperature drops and it gets really cold and you get hypothermic and you can't find you're way around...you are NOT disorientated. the word, DAMNIT, is dis-oriented. Note that we dropped an extra "tat". disorienTATEd, vs. disorienTed. To disorient someone is to confuse them. dis - not a word meaning you insult someone. a PREFIX meaning to remove or undo. Orient, not meaning Asia. A word meaning to get your bearings, figure out where you are, ground yourself, to adjust, to familiarize. When you move to a new city, you have to orient yourself. Or conversely, when you move to a new city, you may feel disoriented!

not, disorieTATEd.

I will insert here, the fact that disorientate is more widely accepted in the U.K. than here. But it came into being after the word disorient. Disorientate just takes up extra letters and is clumsy. Alot of words will become acceptable if misused long enough. Irregardless now appears in the dictionary (as non standard and absurd) because it is so commonly used (read: f'ed up). For example, a salesman is pressuring you. I have heard "a salesman is really pressurizing me". Really? Is this that game where you give me hints and I guess what you are? What are you like a freakin bicycle tire? An airplane cabin? What could be next?! "The salesman was pressurisating me!" Let's check our dictionaries in a decade for that one, eh?

Quit adding extra shit to words people. Save those wasted syllables up and use them on important words like "I love you", "thank you", "you're hot" etc.

Let me help you.

Regardless of what you may have heard, irregardless is not a word. Regardless of whether or not (my dad's pet peeve) you are disoriented due to the fact that you are ignorant and wandering around in a country with no language dignity, you still need to converse in a civilized manner. I couldn't care less if you think the word conversate sounds cool. This ain't no rap video.

so let me axe you a question...are we clear now? Do you need me to draw you a pitcher? Do we know where we are at? I don't mean to dis anyone, I'm just saying...speak proper freakin' English people!

I now respectfully dismount the soapbox and go back to my life, such as it is. Stay tuned next week when I will tell you what I think about the fact that during daytime television, a local plastic surgeon has a commercial about "vaginal rejuvenation". I KNOW you're looking forward to that blog!

grammar part II

grammatical pet peeves, a reiteration

So I bought new shampoo. Finesse. 2 in 1. (does anyone else find it ironic that I am complaining about bad grammar and using incomplete sentences? Yeah well I like ee cummings so bite me.)

aaaaanyway, it says on the bottle: "For softer, more shiny hair."

I tilted my head like a dog who heard someone do one of those whistle-y farts that no one else in the room either hears or acknowledges, or they think it was the chair or the screen door or something.

I read it again. "For softer, more shiny hair"

well the problem is this: it SHOULD say "For softer, shinier hair"


so then after I ranted about this, my husband and I argued about it. I researched it. What is the rule exactly? well there is a rule, more or less (you know how the english language is), which states that if a word is 2 syllables or less, it gets "er", if its more than 2, it gets "more". i.e. "more ridiculous" not "ridiculouser" "shinier vs. more shiney!" "happier vs. more happy" "stupider vs. more stupid". There are some that could be debated. Shiny, in my opinion, is not one of them!

FYI, my husband and I also argued about the difference between a supporting actor and a character actor...my point being that character actors are always supporting actors but not all supporting actors are character actors. It was the most ridiculous, no wait, the ridiculousest, argument ever!

ode to Jury Duty

so you remember that Disney movie from 100 years ago where Goofy is all nice and then he gets behind the wheel of the car and turns into psycho goofy? I think about that movie all the time because I think in this society where we practically live in our cars we have become very insulated from one another as humans. I hate when I am all aggravated and bitching and maybe flapping my hands around at a driver in front of me, only to find that he lives 2 doors down. For one, its pathetic that I don't know the people 2 doors down and secondly, its embarrassing to behave that way unknowingly around a neighbor and someone who is supposed to help take care of the neighborhood you live in. We are always out for ourselves in our cars. We won't hesitate to make some Italian-esque hand gesture to the car next to us if they don't drive the way we like, but if the person in the grocery store accidentally bumps us with their cart, we wouldn't make those same hand gestures and rant at them! Why? because there isn't 2 tons of metal and tempered, tinted glass between us at the grocery store!

So today I had the dreaded jury duty. It was almost completely uneventful. At the end of the day the throng of relieved would-have-been jurors moves en masse to the designated juror parking lot and begin the exodus back to their normal lives. At any rabobank arena event in that very same parking lot, it would be chaos. At any football game in any high school stadium the parking lot would be a bunch of psycho goofies. However today at the end of our long boring jury duty day, I was very surprised. We were all so ready to leave. We all wanted to get home and get on with the things we weren't able to do that day. I expected it to be a cut throat competition to get out the 2 small exits of the enclosed parking lot. Instead, it became a psuedo 3 way stop where everyone took turns. I was actually almost stunned. But it was a cool moment.
I guess it takes spending a whole day trapped in boredom to look around at 100+ other people and realize we're all just the same. We're all trying to not get stuck by the train on the way to and from the juror parking lot. We'd all rather be somewhere else. We all are annoyed at the Dr. Phil re-run on the jury services room TV. We are all glad we get a long lunch. We are all hot. We are all just humans gettin' by.
I so wish that we could all treat each other like fellow jurors all the time...

on my gub'ment soapbox

OK I am SOooo tired of the damn government. I can't buy real sudafed (pseudoephedrine) because dumb asses make meth with it. I can't give my child cold medicine because the government has deemed that its not effective under a certain age. Any mom who's had a kid with a head full of snot will probably disagree. Doesn't work... my ass!

Then the government tells me that I can't talk on my cell phone without a hands free device. whatever. This isn't making anyone any safer. We are still distracted, dialing, texting and talking. Are they going to take away my lipgloss and mascara too?...cuz those have been known to distract me while i'm driving. In fact, my purse in general is a hazard (anyone who's picked it up will agree!). Sometimes it topples over and I lean down to pick it up. My purse should probably be illegal. Frankly, my children should be illegal because they are REALLY distracting while I'm driving!

I think they should outlaw drive-thrus all together. First of all, they are probably close to banning fast food based on the fact that its bad for us (and they care so much about our health after all). Secondly, drive-thrus imply you will be eating in your car. I have been distracted while eating. I have spilled my drink, said oh shit blah blah blah and scrambled to one-handedly rectify the situation. So drive-thrus should be banned. Eating at all in the car should be illegal, even if you brought your food from home. Let's face it, eating shouldn't be allowed at all. We're an obese country.

Am I recommending this sort of bad driving? no. I am saying that making us fiddle and dick around with blue tooth headsets isn't going to make us any safer.

And now I hear that they want to lower the state speed limit back to 55mph...supposedly to improve our gas mileage...cuz they care so much. Those politicians just give me warm fuzzies! They care SO much.

The government wants to control nearly every damn thing we do...BUT our illustrious leaders are importing contaminated food, lead tainted toys, filling our grocery store shelves with a wide variety of high fructose corn syrup, and bleeding us dry at the gas pump (and in my paycheck, thank you very much).

I have really had it. Civil disobedience, anyone? am I alone here?
I'm pissed. I could go on at length on this one, but my soapbox needs some polishing.

Polishing off the Soapbox

September 18, 2008

SO, I've been "blogging" at my myspace page, but I'm kinda over myspace. I like it because I can make it all pretty and pink with dots and crap, but other than that, and being able to tell the world with a smiley face what mood I'm in, its not doing anything for me. I want to blog, to spew my opinion out into the world in order to amuse, enlighten, entertain, and annoy other humans. And so, here I am. A long time ago I actually had another blog site called soapbox_diva. It got hosed. But thanks to google, I got my moniker back. and we'll just start with my running blog of random thoughts from myspace...and we'll go from there. I will update whenever I am struck with random, profound, silly, or any other kind of thoughts that I can articulate in a remotely proper grammatical fashion. (I don't get much sleep so grammar is not high on my list lately. But ranting, venting, bitching, kavetching, and emoting are all high on my list all the time)

random thoughts - updated almost daily

**so I was taking a bath and I had the TV in my bathroom (yes I have a TV in my bathroom and yes I have issues) was tuned to Big Brother. I am a fan of a lot of "reality" TV but I swear Big Brother is like watching freakin' paint dry!! Especially if you're just listening to it. It was like being in the 5th grade when none of the losers in class could read and I was like 2 pages ahead of them, or having to painfully listen as they sounded out the f'ing words. and some lady used the word "new-cu-ler" instead of "nuclear".

more random thoughts to come.

**the people who wrote the jingle/song for free credit report dot com are brilliant geniuses...EVIL, but brilliant! did I give you the song curse when you read that? =)

**CUMIN - as in the spice. do you say kyoo-men, or koo-men? what about coupon? route?

there's an offramp in San Luis called "Curbaril". it hurts my brain for hours after I drive past it. issues much?

**so I'm watching the Janice Dickinson show. why? Idanno. But that's not the point. Janice Janice Janice...your ears are going to be on top of your head soon! Her face looks so tight it looks like it will split open if she laughs. Luckily she rarely even smiles. PS too much plastic surgery!!

**I do not like it at all when people, Italian or not, over pronounce Italian words. Like ricotta. the guy on food tv just says RiGOTta. rigotta. ugh.

and another guy on the food network, Guy Fieri, pronounces his name Guy Fieti. Its the R action that gets kind of rolled in Italian but its harder than a rolled r. I get it, but its annoying. its an R, Guy. None of my business, not my name, but annoying all the same.

and while we're on annoying:

** John Mayer. I had a big musical crush on him for awhile but now his lyrics are so stupid to me. for example:

Is there anyone who
Ever remembers changing there mind from
The paint on a sign?

Is there anyone who really recalls
Ever breaking rank at all
For something someone yelled real loud one time

Everyone believes
In how they think it ought to be
Everyone believes
And they're not going easily

Belief is a beautiful armor
But makes for the heaviest sword
Like punching under water
You never can hit who you're trying for

Some need the exhibition
And some have to know they tried
It's the chemical weapon
For the war that's raging on inside

Everyone believes
From emptiness to everything
Everyone believes
And no ones going quietly

We're never gonna win the world
We're never gonna stop the war
We're never gonna beat this
If belief is what we're fighting for

What puts a hundred thousand children in the sand
Belief can
Belief can
What puts the folded flag inside his mother's hand
Belief can
Belief can

I'm sorry, but John, if we aren't fighting for our beliefs, what exactly are we fighting for? priciples? what are principles based on? beliefs!! beliefs are the freakin' reason we have a free country!!! Take home message on this song is that if you believe something, you should keep it to yourself because no one can change anyone else's beliefs. Historical buff much, John?
And if I believe that I can change other people's beliefs, then your song is not going to change my mind to thinking I can not change people's beliefs. So you might as well be singing in a sound proof room on a deserted island. What the hell is the point? shouldn't songwriting be an artform? shouldn't it reach out to people and affect them? you're saying nothing you or anyone else says will change anything? how sad and hopeless.

another example:
Waiting on the World to Change

Me and all my friends
We're all misunderstood
They say we stand for nothing and
There's no way we ever could

Now we see everything that's going wrong
With the world and those who lead it
We just feel like we don't have the means
To rise above and beat it

So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's hard to beat the system
When we're standing at a distance
So we keep waiting
Waiting on the world to change

Now if we had the power
To bring our neighbors home from war
They would have never missed a Christmas
No more ribbons on their door
And when you trust your television
What you get is what you got
Cause when they own the information, oh
They can bend it all they want

That's why we're waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

It's not that we don't care,
We just know that the fight ain't fair
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

And we're still waiting
Waiting on the world to change
We keep on waiting waiting on the world to change
One day our generation
Is gonna rule the population
So we keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

We keep on waiting
Waiting on the world to change

-- John, John, John. what sad friends you must have. If you and your friends want the world to change you have to BE the change. sitting around and waiting for things to change has historically accomplished a big fat nothing. This song is the perfect motto for a lazy generation. Yeah, we think things are jacked up but we can't do anything about it, and we don't want to put ourselves out too much, so we'll just wait. If you are against the war, theoretically, you could protest...hold signs, march on washington, etc. But since nothing you say will change the beliefs of anyone else, that would be pretty pointless huh?

No wonder your relationships with Jen Aniston and Jessica Simpson didn't work out...you're probably a depressing freaking person to be around.

Your hopelessness is pathetic. Take a Heath Ledger cocktail. doh. sorry that slipped out. But since nothing I believe will change anything, no harm done, eh?

I bet he subscribes to the watchmakers theory too. well he'll be waiting for a long long time for the watch to put itself together or for the world to change. Lazy ass cocky egotistical punk.

I am NOT in a bad mood. What makes you say that? LOL

just watched a "Liberty Bail Bonds" commercial. wow, either people really are stupid or people who make these commercials think we are all really stupid. I know the answer there, but it is sad to admit it.
I, however, found it ridiculous. First of all, there is a lady talking about how "Dan" or whatever his name is..Dan's arrest came "out of the blue". really? you didn't know he had 87 parking tickets and a bench warrant? or he's never driven drunk before? or he'd never had an altercation with the clerk at Walmart before? or "accidentally" touched a boobie at DeJaVu before? You had no idea? well we'll suspend disbelief for a moment and assume your husband was a nice guy who was just "in the wrong place at the wrong time". She goes on about how lovely the place is and how professional they are and there was a play area for the kids etc. I'll just pause there to allow us all time to take that in. The bail bondsman office has a play area for the kids. awww. and thank goodness her sister in law (which would be her husband's sister, right? anyone else drawing the dotted line?) told her she should call Liberty Bail Bonds. I'll save syllables on how telling that is.
The commercial ends with hubby kissing her on the cheek and she smiles sweetly.
"Thank God my darling husband who never does anything wrong and remembers our anniversary and sends me flowers on my birthday didn't have to stay one more hour in that pound-me-in-the-ass jail! What would the PTA ladies say?"

really? really? I much preferred the more realistic cheesy local bail bondsman commercial that used to air here where it showed the guy having the munchies and a variety of other scenarios suggestive of his poor choices and just simply said "if you've ever done this, you might need Joe's Bailbonds". Cuz let's be honest people...sure, nice people get clinked sometimes. But "out of the blue". I doubt it. And if your sister in law has their number in her speed-dial, well lady, none of us are buyin what you're sellin'.

that's all I'm tryin to say. That's all I'm talking about. Oh yeah, I could get up on my political soapbox and then some, but I ain't gonna do it. Nope. ain't gonna. takes too much outta me.

I'm going to go have a bowl of froot loops now.
maybe they'll give me the boost of energy I need to discuss/rant politics. More likely they'll keep me going long enough to stay awake in the shower.

and so begins my blog. enjoy. comment. check back. ta-ta.