Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do I have to draw you a picture??!

My son is very willful. VERY. I used to think the "strong willed child" was crap...then I met my son. We have tried many tricks and techniques to survive his wilfulness. As you know if you're a parent, you must win. If I got a full nights sleep all the time and felt energetic, that wouldn't be that hard. But the kid wears you down more than enemy torture!! Anyway, lots of simple things are big fights. He fights us on everything. So we've enlisted this rationale with him, per the suggestion of our counselor: "you have 2 choices: you can make the right choice the first time, or you can make a wrong choice, get in trouble, make everyone upset, get a time out, and eventually have to make the right choice anyway. Which way do you want to do this?"
He mostly gets it but it seemed a bit abstract to me so I took it upon myself to draw him a picture. I think its mostly self explanatory. No one told me that I would need these kinds of skills as a mom! You know what, bring Osama Bin Ladin to the starbucks downtown (let's pretend we can find him). I will meet him there with my son. My son will either successfully negotiate peace, or wear the man down to a nub. Maybe we should just draw a picture for Osama...I'll post that one later. LOL. So my son pointed to the "right choice" house and asked "is that school?"
I replied,"that is a symbol. It can be school, or our house, or church, or a friends house, or Papa's house."
"Oh! let's say its a friend's house! Can I go to Jenelle's house?"
"No baby, focus. See how there's you, and there are 2 roads?"
"see how one road is smooth and easy and has a happy face?"
"What do you notice about the other road?"
"Its got scribbles"
"Yes, those are supposed to be weeds, rocks and holes. Mommy doesn't draw as good as your friend Isaac."
"Isaac draws really good dinos...with spikes"
"I know. SO, which road do you think you should take? Lets look. If you take the happy road, you get to the right choice with no problems. If you take the other road, you have to trip over all this stuff and fall over rocks, you have to go around this big ol' tree..."
"can I climb it?"
"No, it just is there in your way. So you have to go around the tree, and then you fall in that hole and have to get out of the hole. You still have to end up making the right choice anyway, but look how much trouble you had to go through to do that when you could have just taken the happy road and brrrrrssssst you're at the right choice and its easy. Do you understand?"
"Ok, so in the morning when you get dressed, which road are you going to take to do that?"
"this one (pointing to the happy road)"
"good. I love you. "
"love you too. Can I go to Jenelle's house?"
"No, I gotta go, the baby is crying. love you g'nite!"

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  1. As soon as Noah can speak, I'm pointing him in your direction. That kind of negotiation just looks AWESOME.