Monday, September 29, 2008

News Soapbox

So let me see if I have this straight:
so the housing market was artificially inflated, people took out big loans, more than they could afford, greedy bankers grinned and asked the dummies to "sign here" and now everything is licking the floor of the bus station bathroom. The US economy is in the toilet and this magical "bailout" plan basically puts the burden on the taxpayers...? So we all are supposed to pay more taxes, in an economy where many of us are just making ends meet if we're lucky, in order to save some mortgage lenders from jumping out of some windows??

That's the best they can come up with? really?

(see one of 5 million articles here. I chose this one because it was succinct and actually said something. Most of the articles are so vague and meaningless...because basically, no one freaking knows what this "bailout" thing really is. Its a big fuzzy enigma...with a huge price tag. It'd be like drinking 8 shots of tequila, putting your contacts in flour, then putting them back in your eyes, and going shopping in Louis Vuitton.. only times a billion or so. )

and in other news...
mystery meat washes ashore in Jersey. I'm glad this doesn't happen in Pismo!
In all seriousness, the geek in me really wants to know what it is. What animal is it from and what organs are they? And who blew it up (maybe Palin blew it up from a helicopter)? weird.

I think Congress and the House should have to eat this mystery meat until they come up with a plan that doesn't tax my ass off.

wow, that is just evil. I made myself laugh. and I think its a good idea. =)
OR...maybe we should trade that mystery meat to China...cuz they are such a good trade partner and all...only attempting to poison us, our children, and our pets a dozen or so times in the last year. The freakin prehistoric whale liver or whatever it is is probably safer than half the shit we import from China on a daily basis.

I have to go yell at my barking dog now. 'Nite!

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