Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ode to Jury Duty

so you remember that Disney movie from 100 years ago where Goofy is all nice and then he gets behind the wheel of the car and turns into psycho goofy? I think about that movie all the time because I think in this society where we practically live in our cars we have become very insulated from one another as humans. I hate when I am all aggravated and bitching and maybe flapping my hands around at a driver in front of me, only to find that he lives 2 doors down. For one, its pathetic that I don't know the people 2 doors down and secondly, its embarrassing to behave that way unknowingly around a neighbor and someone who is supposed to help take care of the neighborhood you live in. We are always out for ourselves in our cars. We won't hesitate to make some Italian-esque hand gesture to the car next to us if they don't drive the way we like, but if the person in the grocery store accidentally bumps us with their cart, we wouldn't make those same hand gestures and rant at them! Why? because there isn't 2 tons of metal and tempered, tinted glass between us at the grocery store!

So today I had the dreaded jury duty. It was almost completely uneventful. At the end of the day the throng of relieved would-have-been jurors moves en masse to the designated juror parking lot and begin the exodus back to their normal lives. At any rabobank arena event in that very same parking lot, it would be chaos. At any football game in any high school stadium the parking lot would be a bunch of psycho goofies. However today at the end of our long boring jury duty day, I was very surprised. We were all so ready to leave. We all wanted to get home and get on with the things we weren't able to do that day. I expected it to be a cut throat competition to get out the 2 small exits of the enclosed parking lot. Instead, it became a psuedo 3 way stop where everyone took turns. I was actually almost stunned. But it was a cool moment.
I guess it takes spending a whole day trapped in boredom to look around at 100+ other people and realize we're all just the same. We're all trying to not get stuck by the train on the way to and from the juror parking lot. We'd all rather be somewhere else. We all are annoyed at the Dr. Phil re-run on the jury services room TV. We are all glad we get a long lunch. We are all hot. We are all just humans gettin' by.
I so wish that we could all treat each other like fellow jurors all the time...

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