Wednesday, September 17, 2008

on my gub'ment soapbox

OK I am SOooo tired of the damn government. I can't buy real sudafed (pseudoephedrine) because dumb asses make meth with it. I can't give my child cold medicine because the government has deemed that its not effective under a certain age. Any mom who's had a kid with a head full of snot will probably disagree. Doesn't work... my ass!

Then the government tells me that I can't talk on my cell phone without a hands free device. whatever. This isn't making anyone any safer. We are still distracted, dialing, texting and talking. Are they going to take away my lipgloss and mascara too?...cuz those have been known to distract me while i'm driving. In fact, my purse in general is a hazard (anyone who's picked it up will agree!). Sometimes it topples over and I lean down to pick it up. My purse should probably be illegal. Frankly, my children should be illegal because they are REALLY distracting while I'm driving!

I think they should outlaw drive-thrus all together. First of all, they are probably close to banning fast food based on the fact that its bad for us (and they care so much about our health after all). Secondly, drive-thrus imply you will be eating in your car. I have been distracted while eating. I have spilled my drink, said oh shit blah blah blah and scrambled to one-handedly rectify the situation. So drive-thrus should be banned. Eating at all in the car should be illegal, even if you brought your food from home. Let's face it, eating shouldn't be allowed at all. We're an obese country.

Am I recommending this sort of bad driving? no. I am saying that making us fiddle and dick around with blue tooth headsets isn't going to make us any safer.

And now I hear that they want to lower the state speed limit back to 55mph...supposedly to improve our gas mileage...cuz they care so much. Those politicians just give me warm fuzzies! They care SO much.

The government wants to control nearly every damn thing we do...BUT our illustrious leaders are importing contaminated food, lead tainted toys, filling our grocery store shelves with a wide variety of high fructose corn syrup, and bleeding us dry at the gas pump (and in my paycheck, thank you very much).

I have really had it. Civil disobedience, anyone? am I alone here?
I'm pissed. I could go on at length on this one, but my soapbox needs some polishing.

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