Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sleep, or lack thereof

I was at a birthday party and someone asked me if Amanda was sleeping through the night for me. I just sort of smirked and said "oh, no, not even remotely!" and she looked at me with a mixture of horror, judgment and pity... I swear. I wish you could have seen the look on her face.

I should just carry this article around with me because this is a hot issue in our family:

news flash: children are not always convenient and that's not really their mission in life. I won't pull out the soapbox on this issue...just yet...

and speak of the little devil...I hear her stirring.


  1. just yesterday, I heard the following:

    you should just put her down in her crib, i'm sure she'll drift right off.

    so, you don't have her on a schedule? i bet that would help her sleep better.

    i think it's time to start solids. surely she'll sleep through the night if she is getting enough to eat.


  2. drift right off? good grief! that's ridiculous.
    solids didn't help either of my kids a smidge. and you have a very very good schedule. by schedule do they mean you don't have time set aside for her to "cry it out"? LOL