Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Societal Contributions by Spongebob Squarepants

So my son, who will be 5 this winter, was "reading" us a story. He held "something wicked this way comes" in his little hands and turned to the chapter of his choice and proceeded to read it something like this:
"So Patrick and Spongebob went to Pump It Up and Disneyland and they said hi to Kiki and then Patrick, the dumbest starfish in all of the ocean, farted on Spongebob's face and pooped in his pants. Being dumb is a great responsibility. and then they all died. "

and while I paraphrase, that is not too far off from reality. The take home message from this, which my son has gleaned from days of watching Spongebob, is "Being dumb is a great responsibility". This has been my mantra for several days now.

Being a parent is challenging, sleep depriving, challenging, rewarding, challenging, fun, and beautiful. My son is the funniest person I know (next to my husband who can make me laugh until the only sound I can make is a squeak while tears roll down my face and I slap my hand against the counter begging for mercy) and it is in moments like our little story time that I am most grateful for him, and our crazy ass family.

Let us all ponder the responsibilities of stupidity, shall we? you can skip the pooping in your pants part if you wish...

chat amongst yerselves.

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