Wednesday, October 1, 2008

local commericals and evil jingles

Any of my readers who live in Bakersfield will recognize this name and the uncomfortable annoyance his commercials create: Randy Urner’s Outside.

Is it just me or does he remind you of a homeless guy likely to direct traffic and talk to his fingers? While I really appreciate his enthusiasm for life, could we all just go buy something from Outside, simply so that he can pay someone else to do his commercials for him? (and I don’t mean his niece or whoever she is whose performance on camera leaves a lot to be desired).

On the flip side, his crazy word slurring hair flipping commercials have almost become a brand name, so having some classy composed commercial with jazzy music probably wouldn’t have people like myself talking about his business. Yes I am talking about how much his commercials annoy me, but I am still talking about him. And if I needed patio furniture, I’d certainly go there first, if there was a promise that Randy himself would not be there to sell it to me…

And while I’m thinking about it, I’ll leave you with these…

“we’ll take anything in on trade” (RV Peddler)

“head on, apply directly to the forehead. Head on, apply directly to the forehead” (and that stuff actually works!!)

And my personal favorite, which I will close with as a tribute to the evil geniuses who compose these jingles because they are marketing brilliance:

“free credit report dot com…f to the r to the e to the e to the c to the r to the e-d-i-t…”

I dare you to click this link

Oh the beauty of local commercials, free speech, and the free market…

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  1. Do you know how cruel it is to type "Dare you to click this link" and then link it to an advert like that? My family will hate me by the end of today...