Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Neurons from Wednesday

It was picture day at daycare/preschool today. I am NOT a fan of studio-type photography. I have taken all of the pictures of the kids and I crop them, color them, etc. I did our own birth announcements etc etc. I don't like phony backdrops and stiff poses. Inevitably, the child with the photo appointment will be sick, cranky, barfing, crying, squirming, too tired to cope, or too hungry to try. But enough of my positive foofy talk. Amanda does have a cold, of course, and she was so tired and she looked it. But she looked positively adorable in THE cutest dress ever. Cliff looked very handsome. The kids did individual pictures. Those went kind of ok. Then the kids were posed together. This would be their first professional photo together (I have tons of cute ones of them taken at home). Let me just try to describe the experience. Let's see...imagine you have 2 cats. they are not asleep because we all know that photographing sleeping cats is a breeze. I will let your imagination finish the imagry for me. I was so flippin exhausted afterward I wanted a drink, a nap, some yoga...something. It was seriously taxing.

Then after the photo chaos, I'm in my car and I call my friend. But I live in CA where you can't talk on your phone in the car without a handsfree device...I hate this law. My bluetooth was charging at home. My bluetooth has no indicator of when its battery is low until it drops a call. So it was not in my I used speakerphone. Not technically hands free but anyway. So I blah blah blah into my friends voicemail. Then I snap the phone shut. After a couple seconds I hear the voicemail operator asking me if I'm happy with my message etc. I always for get that when you are on speakerphone, closing the phone does not hang it up!!

I should have learned this lesson when I called my best friend one afternoon. I left a very long blathering voicemail and click, closed the phone. Then I proceeded to sing my favorite song at the TOP of my lungs. After a few seconds, I heard something so I turned down the music. It was the voicemail lady. Thank God for the voicemail lady!!! so NO, voicemail lady, I am NOT happy with my message...stop, delete, re-record, please!! so I listen to my message. It has the blah blah blah and then a solid 2 minutes of me belting out some song. I laughed so hard I almost peed. So I re-recorded the message, trying to explain why I was laughing so hard.

When using speakerphone, click the "end call" button, do not close the phone to hang up!!!

So the day proceeds. I had to switch keychains. I loathe those little rings on keychains. My nails aren't made of paper or anything but those damn rings just kill any sort of fingernail you may have!!!! And the dog registration tag rings are even more evil. I have to maneuver a screwdriver in between the pieces of "wire", twist the screwdriver while maintaining control of the ring, try to get the precariously opened ring onto the dog collar D-ring. The ring flies out of my hand and across the room about a dozen times. I cut my fingers. I swear alot. This is, in part, why I register my dogs for 2 or 3 years at a time!!!! I have 3 dogs....its just too dangerous to do it more often!

And now my day is wrapping up. I'm putting the baby to sleep and watching one of my spam-tastic shows. Actually it is not one of my shows I was just checking it out....Sylista. It comes on after America's Next Top Temporary Covergirl Spokesperson. I found it really boring except that Anne Slowey, the fashion director of Elle magazine is so damn hate-able. She's like Madonna and Simon Cowell in one individual, trying to channel a white, uppity, pretentious, speaks-too-slow-on-purpose-and-its-annoying Tyra Banks. Who would want to work for this woman? Why is she so condescending about pin tucks and rouching? ick. And what is the point of fashion on this level? Living and breathing fashion? really? wow, I mean, I love mascara and pretty eyeshadow colors but live and breathe fashion? ew. Oh and I found a review of it that aptly describes why it is annoying.

Lastly, I made spider legs out of pantyhose, garbage bags, newspaper, and more pantyhose.

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