Sunday, October 19, 2008

What do Cartwheels and Poop Have in Common?

when you're at the chiropractor, and normally you only ask them to focus on your upper/mid back, but you suddenly need them to work on your lower back/sacral area, the massage technician may ask why. It is known that I have children, one of whom is still a baby, and that I carry her on my left side. Therefore the lumps and bumps in my left shoulder area are explainable. I don't really ever have lower back pain, except after the damn masochistic massage technicians dig their elbows into my sciatic and my sacrum!

SO, when I asked the MMT (masochistic massage technician) to work (gently please) on my low back/sacrum, she asked if I had injured myself in such a way as to need this work done.

Well, not really, I said. I don't really do anything interesting...I change diapers and feed the kids and sit at a desk and don't get enough sleep and in said not-getting-enough-sleep I sleep in weird positions and stuff...but nothing that I can pinpoint is causing this pulling feeling across my sacrum when I lay down.

then I paused, and thought...and said...

"OR, it could be from when I slipped and almost died in the shower because of the poop incident."
(another pause)
"and then there was that attempted cartwheel the other day that didn't go so well.
um...yeah, those 2 things MAY have caused some muscle strain in that area..."

she laughed. She said she'd write it on my chart.

I said "What? about the poop??"

"no", she said, "about the tenderness in your lower back"....


so the answer to the title question is...a trip to the chiropractor...that is when you are officially old, like I apparently am now, and can't recover from such incidents by the good graces of your body!!

2 years ago, I could do a cartwheel DAMNIT!!!!

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  1. I totally understand! This year I pulled a muscle while WATCHING the Olympics! A couple years ago, I tore cartlidge in my knee while I SLEPT! I'm falling apart!!! :(