Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only a man...

so I have a cat who is 16 years old and about 16 lbs. His weight is really irrelevant but...whatever.
He shares the bathroom with my husband. Our house is 50 years old so what would be a master bathroom is just a tiny little room with a shower, sink and toilet. And because its small, smells get out of control. No matter how often I clean that catbox, its smells. Henry absolutely detests it. He bitches about it, wanting to know why does it have to be in his bathroom, why can't it be in my bathroom, why can't it be in the garage, why can't it be in the middle of the street...etc. (He got the big closet AND if it were in my bathroom, where there is not a convenient niche for it, the children would have both eaten from it and fallen into it by now. so it seems a fair trade and a practical solution.) But I do feel bad that its yukky and in his way.

So anyway, I've tried various air fresheners, plug ins, candles etc. Nothing really works. I just cleaned the catbox and the same day it smells litter-box-y. Not even like cat crap, just like dusty cat box litter. ugh. I've tried everything. They either don't work, stink or make everyone sneezy.
I once tried this super uber litter...it gave me and the f'ing cat asthma.

So I put a febreeze "noticeables" in there...with dueling vanilla smells. I'm hoping its not too strong, not sneezy, not stinky.

So Henry says "whatever that air freshener is..." (I brace myself) "...don't ever change it. Its perfect."

I almost fainted. "really? good."

"yeah" he says casually and matter of factly while taking off his work clothes "Its like taking a shit and having someone bake you cookies at the same time. Its great"

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm done Christmas shopping. I have been done for several weeks now. I have my Christmas trees up. (yes plural. this year we needed a new tree as we opt for fake for several reasons. Instead of a big one, I did 3 little ones. Cliff gets to decorate his own. Amanda's has pink feathered garland on it and Cliff said it looks like a cheerleader.)
I ordered my Christmas cards.
I have yet to print out my son's birthday invitations and that is before Christmas. So I'm behind on that. But I posted to say pllfffffft to those of you who have to go into stores and buy stuff at this time of year.

I'm finished gloating now.


Friday, November 21, 2008

ctrl-alt-del for my brain??

I am stupid. well Ok I'm not stupid, per se, but I should know better much of the time. I am in a constant quandary because I am a very very passionate person, and yet, I am extreeeemely sensitive to certain kinds of "input".
Movies, while I love them, must be selected very carefully because sometimes the images are SO upsetting to me that they really screw me up for a long long time. Even hearing or reading about a certain scene can upset me. SO, I should have known better, maybe, when I watched "The Happening" last night at 11:30pm, by myself. If you've seen the movie, you probably know of what I speak. If you know me, you understand even more. And if you know that it takes me BOTH of my hands to count the number of suicides that have touched my life (and not in a 6 degrees of separation way in most cases), you get it. What I thought I knew about the movie is that it got so-so reviews and was probably lame. What I did NOT know is that the means by which the planet and the plants get rid of the human threat is by making them kill themselves. So the movies is filled with scene after scene after freaking scene of suicides. Yes...I should have turned it off!! of course I should have. I don't know why I didn't. After the first, or third suicide, I should have. 452 (exaggeration) suicides later, I tried to go to sleep. I NEEDED to watch the food network or blessed spongebob or something to sort of take the icky taste out of my brain, but I had the baby in my bed so I couldn't. Then the damn cat started rattling the f'ing pocket door at the end of the hallway. I think I peed a little. stupid cat. I didn't sleep well.

So tonight I'm farting around on facebook and I checked out a group I joined a few days ago to raise awareness about partial birth abortion. This topic, the details about this "procedure", make the hairs on my neck stand up and I literally begin to feel queasy. I can hardly stand it. But I make myself read because I believe that ignorance gets us nowhere. How can I stand for something I don't completely understand? So I force myself to face the facts. My stomach turns and my mouth begins to do that watery thing right before you throw up. I steel myself. I pray. I move forward. I am poking around on a discussion/message board where people are arguing various things. I just had to stop. I had to stop before I melted into a pile of goo, or barfed, or bawled. Its just too much. Its way too much.

So I sit here and I prayed for God to like...rinse my brain out. Mouthwash for my brain or something. God, can you please dip my brain in chocolate and caramel? anything. froot loops. crystal light. soy milk. rinse rinse rinse. lather rinse repeat!!!!!! aaaaah!!

so I'm posting to distract myself. I either have some sort of mental illness or I am excruciatingly sensitive. And I do mean excruciating.

Is it just me? How can a person who is so passionate be effective in acting on their passions when it hurts them so much? It cripples me...the pain. I usually back off discussions on these topics that pain me so much because I just become useless goo. But sometimes I feel the need to...Idanno...delve in. And then I usually regret it....like eating too much raw cookie dough.

Ok I'm gonna go watch ...something. or shop.

does anyone have any tips on brain purging? Last night I tried to distract myself by visualizing my birth with Amanda. It may sound weird but it sort of worked.

anyone? anyone? Bueller?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My day yesterday

This is the chair I spent almost 2 days in with my sick baby girl. Luckily, everything but the toilet is within arms reach. One more day and I may have requested a catheter.

This is what I watched Cliff do after I escaped from the sick-baby-chair:

(in case you can't tell, that is my son, urinating into the mud puddle he just got out of. He did not get back into it...I do have my limits)

I have the freedom to sleep by myself in a bed now...however...now I am listening obsessively to my baby breathing because she may be getting croup.

And to add insult to injury, I ran myself a hot bath and then got distracted by the croupy thing. I set up the humidifier etc. Then my bath was overfilled and cool. So I let some water out. Oops...forgot about it and drained it. now my tub is empty and my hot water is gone. sigh. I don't know how long it will take for the water to heat up again. I guess I'll veg and watch my tivo'd soaps and drink some wine.

I want one of those tankless water heaters. Wonder how many thousands of dollars they are...
well I just googled it. (has google not just revolutionized your life?!!) They're about a grand for a gas version. I want one!!!

and this is just cute:


Friday, November 7, 2008

A challenge...(and my usual randomness)

My porch is ugly. We got a new door when we redid the kitchen, and we tore up the ASTROTURF (what are people thinking?!!!) and put down slate tile. It looks fabulous, but its still ugly. Cuz its not really a porch. I wish I had a real porch.

I have this strong desire to live in Vermont. RIGHT NOW. Vermont, specifically. I want trees and colors and smells (other than refineries) and...and...maple!

And I'm starting a new movement. I want, in my heart of hearts, to be more "green" and stuff, and I admire "random acts of kindness" but I am going to start somewhat smaller. I am starting a movement that I am calling "Be less of an asshole".

This weeks challenge, should you chose to accept it: "Park thoughtfully". Everywhere you drive, park thoughtfully, leaving space for your neighbor to get in and out of the car. Wait your turn when pulling in the spot, and be cautious and courteous when backing out. Don't stalk parking spots. And I'm going to add: "move your grocery cart to the designated area, so as not to dent any cars". It should not be that hard to be less of an asshole. I'm starting with me, so that I personally will have to deal with fewer assholes every day.

Making the world better one asshole at at time...

Bumper stickers and t-shirts coming soon.

Dreaming of Vermont...(??!),

Thursday, November 6, 2008

10 years! 11/7/1998

Its official...

I must be old. I ate a "ding dong" (don't ask WHY!) and it tasted absolutely horrid!
I am deeply saddened by this development...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

My kids were cute, but I'm glad its over. I find this holiday no where near as warm and fuzzy as Christmas or Thanksgiving.