Friday, November 7, 2008

A challenge...(and my usual randomness)

My porch is ugly. We got a new door when we redid the kitchen, and we tore up the ASTROTURF (what are people thinking?!!!) and put down slate tile. It looks fabulous, but its still ugly. Cuz its not really a porch. I wish I had a real porch.

I have this strong desire to live in Vermont. RIGHT NOW. Vermont, specifically. I want trees and colors and smells (other than refineries) and...and...maple!

And I'm starting a new movement. I want, in my heart of hearts, to be more "green" and stuff, and I admire "random acts of kindness" but I am going to start somewhat smaller. I am starting a movement that I am calling "Be less of an asshole".

This weeks challenge, should you chose to accept it: "Park thoughtfully". Everywhere you drive, park thoughtfully, leaving space for your neighbor to get in and out of the car. Wait your turn when pulling in the spot, and be cautious and courteous when backing out. Don't stalk parking spots. And I'm going to add: "move your grocery cart to the designated area, so as not to dent any cars". It should not be that hard to be less of an asshole. I'm starting with me, so that I personally will have to deal with fewer assholes every day.

Making the world better one asshole at at time...

Bumper stickers and t-shirts coming soon.

Dreaming of Vermont...(??!),

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