Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm done Christmas shopping. I have been done for several weeks now. I have my Christmas trees up. (yes plural. this year we needed a new tree as we opt for fake for several reasons. Instead of a big one, I did 3 little ones. Cliff gets to decorate his own. Amanda's has pink feathered garland on it and Cliff said it looks like a cheerleader.)
I ordered my Christmas cards.
I have yet to print out my son's birthday invitations and that is before Christmas. So I'm behind on that. But I posted to say pllfffffft to those of you who have to go into stores and buy stuff at this time of year.

I'm finished gloating now.


1 comment:

  1. oh. my. ga.

    i feel like i just walked through some sort of past/present portal where everything that i knew from the past is smooshed with new things from the present. an moving image of you checking your face in your compact mirror in Mr. Evans' class.

    how the heck are you?!? it's so good to see your face and your beautiful children. i'm so happeeee to reconnect with you!!!