Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Only a man...

so I have a cat who is 16 years old and about 16 lbs. His weight is really irrelevant but...whatever.
He shares the bathroom with my husband. Our house is 50 years old so what would be a master bathroom is just a tiny little room with a shower, sink and toilet. And because its small, smells get out of control. No matter how often I clean that catbox, its smells. Henry absolutely detests it. He bitches about it, wanting to know why does it have to be in his bathroom, why can't it be in my bathroom, why can't it be in the garage, why can't it be in the middle of the street...etc. (He got the big closet AND if it were in my bathroom, where there is not a convenient niche for it, the children would have both eaten from it and fallen into it by now. so it seems a fair trade and a practical solution.) But I do feel bad that its yukky and in his way.

So anyway, I've tried various air fresheners, plug ins, candles etc. Nothing really works. I just cleaned the catbox and the same day it smells litter-box-y. Not even like cat crap, just like dusty cat box litter. ugh. I've tried everything. They either don't work, stink or make everyone sneezy.
I once tried this super uber litter...it gave me and the f'ing cat asthma.

So I put a febreeze "noticeables" in there...with dueling vanilla smells. I'm hoping its not too strong, not sneezy, not stinky.

So Henry says "whatever that air freshener is..." (I brace myself) "...don't ever change it. Its perfect."

I almost fainted. "really? good."

"yeah" he says casually and matter of factly while taking off his work clothes "Its like taking a shit and having someone bake you cookies at the same time. Its great"


  1. Hello. This is Jenny L.'s sister. Have you tried the Arm & Hammer brand litter?It works really well and doesn't have those gross "crystals" that get tracked in the home.It comes in a giant box and is available at Target.

  2. I found your blog on Jenny's site. Your blog is so great and even though I haven't heard you speak in forever, I can hear exactly how you would sound through your writing. Consider me a new fan of "The Soapbox Diva."

  3. I've tried all the litters. Its the cat that is the problem. He's old and he has bad aim and a bad attitude and the bathroom, frankly, needs to be blown up. Its 50 years old. a man died in there. literally. LOL that is SO sad and sick but true. another entry later maybe!

    anyway, Hi EM! what I need is dynamite. they may have that at target...I'm going later..I'll look!

  4. Hey Jenn! I thought the same thing when I read your and Jenny L's entries. I can HEAR you. cool huh?

  5. I'm gagging about the cat poop smell. I know someone in the mafia and he'll take care of the "smell."

    Say goodbye to the little kitty.

    Also, can I just tear up a little about be called Jenny L. again? I was Jenny L. my whole life until college.