Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When I was pregnant with Amanda, I was on a quest for the best mac n cheese. I still am. Last Thanksgiving, I made what I called "million dollar mac n cheese". It called for like 8 different kinds of cheeses including white cheddar, Gruyere, and some other fancy cheeses and they are pricey! The recipe had like 10 eggs in it! It was really good. Alot of work though. And it came out a bit dry.
Then I tried a couple others. I borrowed recipes from friends and friends of friends. They were all just OK.
I debated the method: baked, bechemel, eggs, roux...all the methods. None of them were quite right to this day.
I am a bit stressed and I think that's why I am craving mac n cheese now. In an act of desperation, I ate a box of Kraft...the ordinary blue box.


Today I tried the Kraft with the creamy sauce in the pouch.


Next I will try the Velveeta kind again. I expect it to be vile as well.

I do have one recipe that is pretty close to excellently yummy. I will be making it soon.

I am just officially old. First ding dongs. Now mac n cheese. Its depressing.

In other news...Pixos...are evil. Its the stupidest toy EVER. My son has been begging for some for months. He'll see the commercial and go "Mom! I want those" blah blah blah and then "But you have to be 18 or older to call." I finally gave in at Target yesterday. We got it home and tried it and its SO incredibly stupid!! lame. They don't stick. Its just ridiculous. The commercial shows like freakin 3d trucks and animals and shit. I couldn't even make a simple triangle. really. I wanted to throw them away.

I was less grouchy than the other day when I posted about my crappy day. But today put me back in a pissy mood. Seriously everything that could have gone wrong in a technical way (printers, faxes, email, technical issues at work, seriously irritating problems with Words Mail Merge!!) did. Everything. I should read my horoscope for today. I'm pretty sure its going to say that the world is coming to an end, or a meteor is headed toward earth, or I should crawl in a hole and not exit until Xmas.


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