Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Here is a tip from an expert internet shopper: DO IT.

Why waste your gas, fight with rude people, and take time away from your family (unless you like those things) when you can find EVERYTHING you want online?

Seriously, if someone makes it and its sold online, I can find it. If you are looking for something specific and need help finding it, let me know. I have been a bit of a personal shopper for more than a few friends. I would be happy to help you spend your money...I mean, its my duty as an American to support our economy and to encourage you to as well...right? LOL has the best customer service and in like 10 years I don't think they have screwed up a single order for me. You can find absolutely everything there. And while you're looking you will often find other ideas and inspirations. has fantastic shipping rates, often free.
Ebay has everything and you don't have to bid on it...look for "buy it now"

I highly recommend setting up a PayPal account if you do not have one. It'll take a day or 2 to confirm bank accounts but its SO worth it and totally secure!!! Many online merchants now accept PayPal and in ensures that the seller does not see any info from the buyer other than shipping info. The money shows up in the seller's account and they never see the source because PayPal is the intermediary. Its great!

And here's what I would really like you to do: donate.
Look, most of us have everything. But many people out there do not. Why trade money with your family when you can actually make a difference for someone? or
(Purchase a "good card" which works like any other gift give the card and your recipient gets to decide what charity to use it for. How cool is that?! ) - if you're shopping for someone who has everything, you can find some cool stuff here - get your family to set aside $50 or $100 of what they would have spent on each other and buy a goat or a flock of ducks for a family trying to sustain itself in Africa and other developing countries. Or buy school supplies for a child. Or medical supplies. Or water,which we so take for granted here, for a whole village)

So! NOW. Get it in time for Xmas! And sit on your couch while you do it! woohoo!


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  2. So true about trading money with family.

    I think Christine is giving my girls a chicken through World Vision.

    I just don't know where we'll put it.