Sunday, December 7, 2008


I am in the worst mood today, for no good reason.
The dogs will NOT shut up. Cliff can not seem to be able to walk through the house...EVER. And we have hard wood floors so it echoes and drives me nuts. Amanda is ornery and she's only 10 months old. I was telling her "no" about something and she ignored me. I clapped loudly and said "NO" and she looked at me. I got down and got close-ish to her and said in a deep voice with a really mean face "Nooo" you know what she did? the cutest f'ing baby laugh.

So I called my mom and said "I need to know exactly what the specs were on the wish you made when I was a know that deal that all mothers of teenagers make with God about them having a kid just like them or something? I need to know the details...cuz my kids are evil!"

Then Cliff started jumping around from one foot to the other singing a song about "we're not evil, no we're not!"

So my mom's answer "They've got your number, that's what's up".

Really? REALLY?!?! How does a 10 month old have my "number" when I've never disciplined her for any reason and she can't possibly know that I'm a sucky authoritarian, I'm inconsistent, and I'm a sap! How can she freakin' know that, MOM?!

Then I'm working on my damn Xmas card labels. First of all, its the first time I have ever sent out the family photo for our Xmas cards. We are never all in any picture. Amanda is too wiggly to cooperate with family pictures. But we have a few that my friend took at Halloween. It looked good to me but I am positively obsessed with one detail of it now, and I now hate them. But anyway, the labels... so I have a freakin' spreadsheet of addresses. Its like organized and shit. I do a mail merge. Mail merge used to be easy. its all screwed up. So the mail merge pissed me off too.

Then on facebook, one of my friends status lines was something about how we have a "moral obligation to our family to be happy" and I swear that quote just about sent me over the edge. So here I am on the soapbox. Moral obligation. pffffflllttttt!

I just feel like I'm going to come out of my skin. I ate chicken curry at a party last night. I think the curry poisoned my Chi. Does chocolate detox chi? My freakin chi is in need of a bubble bath!

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