Saturday, December 13, 2008

With a Joyful Sigh...

this day comes to a close. We celebrated my son's 5th birthday tonight at "pump it up" with 25 of his friends and their parents. It was complete pandemonium. I had to keep looking around to see who had my baby and to check on the couple of kids whose parent's had to leave. It was total, fantastic, fun chaos. I'm getting kind of choked up. It was just a great day.

Cliff was of course chomping at the bit all day. When I made the reservation at PIU I wanted a mid day time but they were taken. So I thought about it and we chose 4:45pm. It actually was really cool cuz all the kids go home fed, wound up, cake filled, fall asleep from the fairly long (f0r Bakersfield) drive home (I saw a couple moms get the blankets out of the trunk for the drive), and either go to bed or go home and take a bath and what not.

Cliff's friends just adore him. He's a cocky little shit and he's totally ornery but loveable and huggy an sweet too. I swear I had 5 conversations with moms that I only know in passing who told me that their daughter talks about cliff ALL the time!! and that she is going to marry Cliff. Its odd to know he's the topic of so many conversations and I wonder what he does to merit this kind of attention. All I ever see him do is run around and make faces and talk is silly voices and do flips and then hug some one cuz he accidentally kicked them and then make more silly faces and then jump off a table inappropriately of course and then quote some movies and do some silly dance moves. That doesn't seem that suave to me. I'm trying to think back to when I was 5. I guess we all did kinda like the obnoxious boys. The squeaky wheel gets the girl...?

Anyway, his friends are just so cute and for me, as a mother, it was just a beautiful day.

His bestest friend Jenelle is spending the night and I just checked on them (I thought they'd never go to sleep!!) and they fell asleep holding hands!! I could die. How precious is that?
I have a picture of them holding hands on a hayride at Halloween too. A few more of those and I'll make a hand holding cute.

It was a pricey birthday but worth it. We didn't have to clean up, we didn't have to do anything except enjoy our boy.

and I got to go down the giant slide with 2 of my best friends. I felt 5 again. Well, 5 with a fat ass which has a great deal of momentum and made us go reallllly fast. woooooooo.

His real birthday is December 17th and I, like most moms, will spend that day verclempt as I think of the day that God helped me bring him into this world and all the details of his birth and his precious infanthood and tiny baby cry all the way up to his first words, and when he first started becoming the rock star/movie star he is today. My boy...Cliffy Depp.

If he does become a rock star, which this week he says he wants to, I hope he can be of the Bono variety and not so much the Axl Rose variety. Kid Rock with fewer drugs would be OK.



  1. Yay for a good day! Sounds like an awesome celebration. Too darn cute about Cliff and his friend falling asleep holding hands!

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