Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mama Nostalgia

Amanda is walking. It seems to have happened so fast. Well, Cliff was walking well before now - he walked at about 10 1/2 months and by his first birthday he was running! But with Amanda it seems to have gone by so quickly, this last year. She'll be one on January 22nd. I really can NOT believe she's going to be a year old! My head is spinning.
So just a week ago she was taking 2 tentative steps. I said then "next week it is all over!" and I was right. Today she is walking all over the place! It required some stepping up of our baby proofing.
My living room is seriously so ridiculous. It looks like a daycare center! I love my fireplace but the artist in me is annoyed with certain aspects of teh design of our living room. So I finally have a plan for it...probably part one of many. As the kids get older and we have a less baby-full life, I suspect we will make our design more sophisticated. But one thing at a time. I have this long brick fireplace and hearth. The living room is long and rather narrow and the fireplace is actually the entire wall opposite the entrance. its probably about 12 feet of brick. And on one end there is a built-in bookcase that is dated and oogy. It has nice storage but its goofy. So I found some bookcases that, coincidentally, match our TV stand. I plan to put one on either side of the fireplace so it will be flanked by storage and decorating space, which I really need in this 50 year old house. I'm itchy to get them purchased. It will take Henry a good deal of serenity prayers and several weekends to assemble them, because any project we undertake has to happen in 30 minute increments due to our circus-act-children. So I'm pleased with my plan and anxious to get it going.
And I look around this disaster and mish-mash mess (no, disaster) of a room with crap in every corner and toys ev-er-y-where and think one thing "Thank God". Really. This disaster represents so many blessings. Our healthy children. Laughter. The dream come true of having the family I always hoped for. Home-ownership. the money to afford all this crap. So many blessings and such a mess. In the blink of an eye all these toys will be given away, sold, donated, trashed, disposed of. My kids will be fighting over some stupid video game, or Amanda will be building a dollhouse using Cliff's batman cave. Or Amanda will be hogging Cliff's batman cave (she loves cars and dinosaurs and all of Cliff's toys!) Or Amanda will be having a tea party with Buzz Lightyear and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee and Raphael (Raff - of the teenage mutant ninja turtles). And then there will be homework strewn about the room. And then stinky teenage shoes. And then boyfriends and girlfriends watching movies and playing footsy with my children. And then, boxes of memorabilia and kleenex as I pore through storage bins of my kids baby stuff after I drop them off at college. So I'm trying to be patient with the mess I am swimming in because I know all too soon it will be gone. And it really doesn't matter if my fireplace is weird and whatnot because this house is full of love, and laughter, and time-outs, and toddlers who babble things we can't understand, and dogs that steal things off my kitchen counter and open mail, and a cat that has been with me my entire adult life and who now as a senior citizen of 15, eats donuts.
screw the fireplace.
and the dining room.
and the bedroom.
oh and the garage too...
I have love. And a job. and a beautiful family. and wonderful parents. and great friends. and health. and brownies in my kitchen. and hope.


  1. My baby turns 10 in a month. I am freaking out, because it doesn't take much of an effort to remember when I turned 10. Hang in there friend. There is lots of joy around each corner.

  2. I am so behind on blog reading!

    Walking! Oh my goodness!

    This post is a lovely reminder to focus on all of the blessings we have instead of what don't have or what could be better. I needed this today. Thank you.