Friday, February 20, 2009

At the end of the day

I am not liking how the house smells like tacos right now. It seems a high price to pay for wanting freshly made taco shells.

and I hate when you get a new roll of toilet paper and it doesn't unstick quite right so you have that 1/2 strip that goes around and around. And you try to slip your finger under the offending stuck strip and well...the whole thing is just annoying.

I do not like talking baby commercials.

or the age my skin is showing.

or the age I am feeling of late...

I am loving Lily Allen.

and thursday night TV!!!

and friends who come over and eat tacos that smell up my house.

and grape crystal light.

and babies that sleep...

and elipses...

and my life pretty much...


  1. i agree - those talking baby commercials are pretty creepy...

  2. I love the talking baby commercials, especially the one with the little black baby who sings "Take these broken wings..." I laugh so hard at that and sometimes look it up on You Tube just for a laugh. I wanted to make sure that my last blog wasn't offensive to you. I did not mean to imply in anyway that homeschooling was better or that homeschooled moms had it all together. You are right about it working for some and not for others and I would venture to say that maybe there are those who it isn't the best fit and do it anyway and then there are those who should do it, but don't. You are disciplined Kelly!! I imagine what your life is like and I bet I am not too far off. By the way, next time I'm in Bakersfield I would love to sit down and really chat. But after reading your comment I was worried my blog came off wrong. I was mostly trying to matter what kind of mom you's hard to do it all. So if I made you feel bad in anyway please forgive me!!

  3. Dear Jenn,

    bite me. I love you. I'm glad we're back in touch and you're a wonderful mother and admirable person. did I mention to bite me?

  4. now i'm REALLY offended!! Really Really really!!