Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drive in Quandry

So I went to burger king after lunch cuz I needed a fix of something sweet. shut up.
so they have a pack of 2 cookies for $1 or $2 or something. So I order it: "yes I'd like the 2 cookies and an iced tea".
drive thru chick: "so do you want a total of 2 cookies or 4?"
me: *panicking* oh, um, no just the 1 with the 2

yeah, I know, truly a moment of articulate genius. Do you know how hard it was to communicate this without the benefit of using my hands to help her understand what I meant?

end of story. I am mute without my hands.

I just want the one with the two. sigh


  1. I love the look of your new site. I love this blog. Steve always laughs at how I order ranch dressing at a dining establishment. I have to make a little circle with both thumbs and pointer fingers carefully place together. Otherwise how will they know I don't want a large vat of ranch dressing???

  2. oh, and thank you. its always nice to know someone is reading my random thoughts. =)