Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kindergarten Jitters

I am trying to be pretty cool about the whole Kindergarten thing. And in light of this major upcoming event and the fact that I do not handle change well (he's been at the same place since birth!!!), I think I'm doing OK. Ask me again in late July when I am taking ativan like candy. But the thing that is bothering me right now is all the not knowing and questions. I hate the unknown in things like this.

So here is what I am dealing with:

We are in the "lottery" for the coveted downtown school. There are 40 spots. Probably only half of those are available to us because some of those spots are taken by kids with a higher priority of registration. How many people vie for those other 20 spots I have no idea. Not knowing even remotely what our odds are is almost worse than enduring the lottery itself!

the downtown school has an afterschool program so it solves all my problems in one fell swoop. Ok not ALL my problems...but all the kindergarten problems. OK maybe not ALL the Kindergarten problems, cuz Lord knows we may get the teacher I do not want but...well anyway...on to the next bullet point

getting the teacher we want at the downtown school...

If we don't get into that school, I have decided he has to go to the school in our neighborhood. Its the school I went to Kindergarten so I am a tad sentimental about it. And the proximity to our house is awesome. But I don't know anything else about it. I guess it will have to do.

I don't know, if we go to the neighborhood school, if we'll get morning Kindergarten or afternoon kindergarten! Everyone wants morning of course. If we get afternoon kindergarten, what will I do with him all morning? after school programs start "after" school...around 2:30!

So assuming I have any luck at freakin' all and we get morning kindergarten, I have to find after school care for him because I am the anti-christ working mother.
There is a program I am very interested in but I know nothing about it. I am really hoping that any feedback I get from the feelers I've put out is positive...I would like to expose Cliff to the arts. Sports will come very naturally to him and we will no doubt be neck deep in some kind of "practice" very soon. But seeing as how Daddy and I are both fairly artsy, exposing him to the arts is a priority for me.
And if this all works out, what kind of beauty regimen will I need to cover up the wrinkles this gives me??!

Pray for me. Let's chant: "Dear Lord, downtown school, downtown school, downtown school, downtown school...amen"

(if he gets in downtown, I do not have to post this same blog in 4 years when its Amanda's turn)

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