Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new Drive

Cliff and I did "the drive" again today. God it was spectacular. The way the sun was illuminating the ground a golden color, The rocky outcroppings, the perky little juvenile cows, the silver and purple clouds...it was just as good as last time (maybe better). And I had my camera. Cliff said "what a gorgeous day. the sky is blue, the clouds are brown....errr...gray, and orange and pink..."
(I chuckled about the brown cloud because without a word or a look from me, he sort or realized mid-word that brown is not a poetic way to describe the clouds)

Amanda was fascinated with the cows. As was Cliff. I have video of it on my facebook page.

So I leave you with these:

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  1. Wow. These photos are really stunning. What a gorgeous drive.