Tuesday, February 17, 2009

so many profound thoughts

and they are so fleeting.

(foreword: my new layout has some kind of bug or problem that makes my pictures not align properly so use your imagination and accept my apologies)

I have these thoughts at night while I am drifting off. And I think, I'm gonna blog that tomorrow. And tomorrow comes and I'm thinking "nah, I'm gonna take a bath and shop on amazon" (cuz I like to do my part for the economy.)

and I just haven't been able to articulate anything very cohesive.

So here's some random stuff (because usually my stuff is so purposeful and focused, right?!)

So my son did something the other day and my hubby says "hey"...

Ok no...wait (thinking)

this is seriously how I tell jokes - I stop in the middle to remember the punch line.

shit. Ok so (really, have you ever read anything MORE stream of consciousness than this?! LOL)
...um...Ok so CLIFF says "hey"

and HUBBY says "hay* is for horses"

and cliff pauses and says "no, H is for horses!"

I just thought it was cute. And since we spend $10000 on daycare in 2008 and half of that was for Cliff I was pleased that he is learning SOMETHING.

yeah, feel free to vomit at will.

* and here is the footnote for "hay". So while I can not bring myself to fold laundry or be bothered by a sink full of dirty dishes, or much of anything else, and everything is a mess, I had to really stop and think and make a conscious choice about whether to spell it "hey" as he said it, or "hay" as it was meant to be interpreted. My brain really throbbed for a second or three.

Ok onto the next bit of unintelligible rambling.

so this is one of many moments in motherhood.

"its just a picture of your window and so-so window treatments", you might say.

No...its an illustration of my life. look closer.


is the story of my life. Now, if I took a picture of the inside of my car, the picture would be complete.

And next on the list: today.

So it started out kinda if-y. I may have shared with you our little saying around here: "long weekends are God's way of making you appreciate your job".

Really, I adore my children SO much. But they are friggin exhausting. Cliff is 5 and Amanda is 1 and walking. She screeches and screams and won't let Henry out of her sight. Cliff is constantly in movement of some sort...and frequently he is airborne. All day we spend pulling her off of things, including her father who may have to pee or something at some point, God bless him, and yelling at Cliff to "stop it". I am quite sure that Amanda will think his name is "cliff stop it!". Although she doesn't think the dogs are named "Dixie shut UP" so that is a good sign!!!!

Anyway, I didn't get any sleep last night and Cliff frustrated me this morning so that sucked. Then I swear the universe just found every obtuse individual in the northern hemisphere west of the rockies (I'm trying to be realistic here in my drama) and sent them to me. Stupid people everywhere I swear.

and the obtuseness just continued all day.

...But then I picked up Cliff and Amanda from the blackholeofmoney/daycare. Amanda was really pissy so I told Cliff we were going to go for a ride. He said OK. So we hit starbucks for some refreshments and hit the road toward the foothills. This picture

was taken a few weeks ago but this is the same drive we took today. but the above picture is before it gets really cool. Once Cliff stopped making faces at Amanda to make her laugh (I had to beg him to stop making her laugh) she finally went to sleep.

I SO wish I'd had my camera. we went to my favorite spot and oh.my.gosh it was amazingly gorgeous. (also from a few weeks ago)

Even Cliff commented on how beautiful it was. (the above pictures don't' really capture it at all. The sky was just fantastic) I wanted my camera so bad. When we came home, I was so proud that cliff had apparently taken in the beauty of it and it appeared to actually be meaningful to him. He told Henry: "we went into the little mountains and there were yellow wildflowers. and the grass was really green. And the sun was very orange. And we saw cows"

It was just...beautiful. It was like taking a drive with God in the passenger seat:

"And on the left over here, you'll see this little sunset I just sort of threw together for you. Notice the pink clouds. And see how the color is reflecting even into the eastern sky." on the right you'll see a few of my favorite cows and an outcropping of rocks which reminds me of some of my favorite work in Scotland Oh, watch out for that big pothole right there. these dirt roads are rough after a rain. and up ahead you can see a view of the whole city, illuminated by the setting sun and the silver clouds"

I intend to drive this again next time the sky is cloudy and blue and gorgeous and have my camera with me.

Here are some pictures from *gasp* random stuff from the last couple weeks:

Amanda on Valentine's Day (please note the pink penny loafer shoes!)

this is mademoiselle in her stunning beret she received for her birthday:

and these are our version of a snow day. A neighbor went to the snow and brought back a truck load and offered to dump some on our lawn. I do NOT like snow so this is my ideal way to enjoy winter...a small pile of snow in the middle of the lawn. I was wearing my flip flops for most of this adventure. I love California.

I think this picture is particularly telling...you can see the mischievousness in Cliff's eye, the snowball poised (you can't hear me telling him "do NOT throw that at ME") and you can see the evidence on daddy's back.

This was a really fun and sweet memory - snow in our front yard.

And now I'm going to take a nice shower and hit the sack for what is hopefully a better night of rest than last night.

and here ends our long overdue random thoughts...


  1. amanda is so stinkin' cute! she's getting so big! thea loooooves mylar baloons.

  2. we have a love hate relationship with balloons. cliff just drives us crazy with them so usually when he gets one, we confiscate it. LOL he just keeps hitting them and thumping them and throwing action figures into them etc etc.