Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

I love my new camera.

Wow, maybe you're thinking, that's really pretty. How lovely. Do you live near a meadow or something? (Look, if that's not what you're thinking just play along. gawd)

Well, both pictures were taken from my husband's office here at the house looking out toward our back fence. It rained all day today and the flowers were dripping with little water droplets. It was so beautiful. I wasn't sure if my camera would zoom this well but it did better than I expected.

As for the leaves, its nothing special. But I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to take a picture of water droplets on leaves!

Ok well they aren't quite leaves.

Here is the bigger picture:

Its part of our hideous backyard, where we are spitting distance from our neighbors. Those "leaves" are some very very healthy and happy weeds. Henry totally gutted this area and tore out ALL the weeds and rose bushes and all kinds of stuff and we've totally ignored it. So what's it do? Become the english garden of weeds!

So in such an ordinary, uninteresting, weed infested corner of our yard, I found inspiration. Really I think that's one of the secrets of life...finding beauty, and fun, and love in the mundane, and boring, and ordinary. (like colored post it notes. Never underestimate post its!)

I hope you find a surprising bit of beauty or fun in your ordinary day.


  1. I totally agree! When I was walking yesterday, I just kept sniffing and sniffing the air. I couldn't get enough of all of the smells of spring!

    I only passed out once from hyper-ventilating.

  2. Beautiful pictures and I can relate to the backyard too. You'll get it fixed just the way you want it. One day you'll wake up and just feel like doing it. When you start searching for beauty in your multi-colored piles of laundry then I'll know you have slipped into the abyss of everything-is-beautiful because I'm a mommy. I can't wait to see that picture!! I may try it myself today.

  3. multi colored laundry beauty. that's a good one. hmmmm....