Monday, March 23, 2009

Help me figure out this blast from the past...

OK so I've been trying to figure this out for awhile. We all know what "Polly Pockets" are right?
Well I had this toy when I was a little girl. It was a little doll about 4" tall maybe. She had a big giant skirt and her skirt covered up a little round house. The doll, who I swear was named Polly (maybe a predecessor??)or Molly, fit kinda in the chimney of her house. Her giant skirt came off and she had on a cute little normal skirt underneath. Anyway the house was like a rotating stage you'd see on Broadway or something. It was divided in 3 (a circle only divides into 3 equal parts. I remember learning this in Mrs. Woody's 6th grade class. We were all on the playground trying to divide a circle into 3 even parts in the sand. turns out the only way is like a peace sign, which when you're 36 seems trite, but when you're 11 its profound): a living area, a little kitchen and a bedroom. There were little tiny drawers for her clothes and such. The little bed folded up to make room for this and that.

I can't find it on Ebay. Probably because I don't know what the name of it is...
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Its driving me crazy!!!


well, the very same day I posted this, someone answered my cry for help, thus allowing me to NOT lay awake at night thinking about this. Now I can lay awake at night thinking of something else. Anyway...
here is the dollhouse in question (thank you so much Pablo!)- and apparently you can't get your hands on one at I will now be on a quest for it.

However, if my husband's childhood memory is any indication, I will not be able to afford Moppet even if she shows up on Ebay at some point.
Henry told me he remembers the "Weeble Wobble Haunted House". That one actually shows up on Ebay...for a mere $250.00. And that is for a used one. There are MIB (mint in box for those of you who don't speak ebay tech-talk). Anyway, here is his childhood memory:

this listing on Ebay (for a bargain $99 but has missing pieces and has alot of wear etc) shows lots of pictures of it (scroll down quite a ways on the page to see the pictures on the listing). Fun!

(and I actually did find some on Ebay for less than $100 but they were pretty worn out). But alas,no Moppet on Ebay. That is probably what I will end up doing late at night instead of trying to remember her name.

Do you have a favorite childhood toy that was unique? What was it?

(OH, and P.S. TELL me you aren't freakin' impressed with my moppet drawing from memory?!!? LOL)


  1. I don't remember what you are talking about, but I liked reading your cry for help. I especially liked the drawing.

  2. Pablo...whomever you are...THAT IS IT!! thank you. you have NO Idea how many hours of lying awake you have saved me!!
    I actually googled for Polly Poppet, Molly Moffet, Molly I was close...soooo close!!
    yay you are my hero! thanks!

    Jen, yeah my drawing is pretty cool huh? LOL

  3. so Pablo, I was so excited I didn't really finish my thoughts. How did you figure this out? was it my stellar drawing? did your sister have one or something? how did you find that information that quickly?
    I'm fascinated because I can usually find anything.

    I am so thrilled just to know her name. I guess Moppets Secret Doll House is pretty hard to come by. I have a quest now. mwuauahahaha.

  4. Elementary my dear Google.

  5. I always really wanted a monchichi. which seems really creepy now. I think it was the catchy tune that sold me on it...and now I will be singing it in my head for the rest of the night! :(

  6. yeah, me too Aim. thanks. monchichi monchichi, oh so soft and cudd.le.y.
    put his thumb in his mouth, its really neat, fun to tickle his little feet.

    like I said. thanks alot. LOL