Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Mr. Pickle's Game

As per my previous post about the adorable Mr. Pickles (I did not name him) we started playing this little game around our house. Its been a welcome little diversion from a lot of heaviness in my heart. I hide these little tiny chickens for Cliff and for Henry and they've hidden them back for me. It's kind of a nice way to say "I'm thinking about you...so here's a little fake chicken." One day at work, I found 2 chickens in my purse. It totally brightened my day. I heart Mr. Pickles. Here's some of our recent adventures...

I have to report though, that Mr. Pickles had a little adventure of his own. I guess my son hid him someplace on the floor. Late at night I heard a bunch of commotion and my cat, Inky, was going crazy over something. Inky is 13 years old and isn't really known for being rambunctious. So I got up and found him batting Mr. Pickles around in a frenzy of cat play. Mr. Pickles, in addition to his little feathers being all messed up, looked rather guilty the next day. I think he liked it.


  1. Happened to me the other night, too. That's exactly what I looked like.

  2. You are so funny!! I love Mr. Pickles all because of you!