Monday, March 16, 2009

A Re-Post or...I want to be a unicorn when I grow up

This is a link to a post of a blog that I follow and adore. (I found her blog totally by accident when I was looking for a PDF for the instruction manual for the car seat online. I found her blog, in which she mentions my evil carseat and uses the f-word to describe how you take off the cover to wash it. I instantly loved her.)
I found this really thought provoking but I'm too tired to provoke any thoughts of myself so I'm borrowing hers for now. I did comment. I'm like #43 comment or something- (other people apparently love the f-word too!)so you can see where I'd be going with this.

Swistle's Blog "Be Yourself"

More on it later perhaps. comment...let's discuss.


  1. You're tired? You must not be BELIEVING IN YOURSELF!

  2. LOL!! I BELIEVE that my one year old is in insomniac...among other things. =) love your blog.