Friday, April 17, 2009

Drama Denouement

OK SOooooo, I went to preschool to get Cliff, and he was asleep. I was a little early (which has happened twice since being out of work. I think people believed it was just a character flaw of mine, and I was starting to believe it as well, but I have been late much less since not having a job. It was an extremely demanding job. More on that later) so I let him sleep for a few minutes. I observed the behavior of the other children squirming about and trying to not get into trouble. Meanwhile, my normally up the walls child slept like an angel. I finally went to wake him up and gave his hair a stroke and whispered "its mommy" and his head came off his mat like someone goosed him. He staggered to his feet and asked if we were going home. I told him no, we were going to the doctor. He said "to get the kindergarten shots?" and I said "yes".

We went and sat down while he woke up a bit and he said "I'm not that scared, mom".

We finished up business at school and headed out. Daddy was going to meet us at the Ped's office. That made Cliff's day.

On the way, he started to get nervous and we talked about various things: how the dogs are all due for shots, how Mickey Mouse and Minnie have to get shots, how sissy and I and dad have to get which he said: "Fruits and vegetables are lucky...they don't have to get shots!"

When we got to the doc's office I parked for a few minutes (early again...its a strange feeling) and told Cliff to come sit with me in th front for a minute. So we chatted and he read numbers on my dash instruments (forty seven, which impressed me). He wouldn't get out of the car and go in until daddy got there. So I called to get dad's ETA (estimated time of arrival. I used to use the term ETA 20 times a day in my job so I didn't want to assume everyone knows what that is.) Sure enough, dad got there just in time and we all went in.

He was really calm when we first got in the exam room. They took his BP again and it was perfect so that was good (he was so worked up last time that it was quite high). But he started to get worked up as the Nurse and I chit-chatted about the school he's going to be going to. Henry did the head jerk/eyeball gesture toward Cliff at one point (as if to tell us to shut the hell up and get on with this), whose face was cherry red and he was clearly holding in his hysterics.

So Henry and I took turns hugging him and then he pronounced, hysterically, that he was ready. So she did the shot in one leg and I made a big deal out of how awesome he was and "it wasn't that bad, right?" to which he wailed " wasn't that baaaaaadddd!!! waaaah". And then she did the other leg. then a finger poke and the TB test. All over in 2 minutes and the color began to normalize in his face. He didn't really cry, he mostly wailed. But not really that bad. I was really proud of him. He was SO worked up over the anticipation (which we can all relate to. first childbirth, first OB appointment ever, first blood draw, first interview, first review, first parent teacher conference, first whatever...the unknown is a bitch!) that he really did awesome considering the terror that I know was lurking beneath the surface.

I asked the doc to look at a couple of ordinary things and then he got to get in the treasure box.

He WANTED to go back to school.

He proudly annouced to his teacher how tough he was and then he played with his friends for an hour before I came back to get him and Amanda.

They both really enjoy school so I'm glad we're doing the part time thing this summer to alloy me to ease myself into stay at home motherhood etc. My plan is in the Fall when Cliff starts kindergarten to pull amanda out all together. I am kind of sad about that but I think when it happens, I will be OK. I will be able to take her (maybe, depending on $$) to My Gym or something to enrich her. Its not that I am not capable. I am a very creative and busy and artsy person. But my kids are REALLY busy and very social. They love people, they love going places.
I think Amanda will really miss it. She's kind of little to enlist her help in making cupcakes, although I would Looooove that. Cliff loves to cook with me. Anyway, I'm slightly apprehensive that I will be enough for her. But one thing at at time I suppose.

I am really looking forward to the part time schedule this summer. That should start in June. It will be nice financially as well as give me more time with both kids but the entertainment/enrichment burden isn't solely on me. You may think I'm a chicken shit, but my kids are REALLY busy. Idanno how else to explain it.

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  1. I don't think you're a chickenshit. I think you're wise to fear the small ones. They're like organized crime! Little Sopranos! WATCH YOUR BACK! They'll steal your chi!

  2. And what is denouement?

    Ur so smawrt.