Friday, April 3, 2009

Gardening and Shrubbery and Hygiene

I just saw a commercial for a new lady's razor which has a "bikini trimmer" on the end of the handle.
In said commercial, there are various girls walking down the street, by the pool, through the park etc. They pass by various BUSHES which are trimmed into various SHAPES!!


Seriously? that is ok to put on TV? I personally think its funny, but along with "vaginal rejuvenation" commercials, I just don't think it belongs on TV.

I had a baby a year ago. I haven't given much thought to..ahem. But I'm pretty sure it would require a hedge trimmer...not a little cute trimmer on the end of a frilly razor. Just sayin...


  1. your blog is very educational. i'm so glad to have you as my gatekeeper and clearinghouse for all things vaginally related. i have so much to learn.

  2. Don't jest. In my current position? I suspect something like that could become my best friend.

    Though having said that, I haven't seen my crotch in a while so might not be big enough.

    The razor, I mean, not my crotch.

  3. Jay, while I emphasize with your desire for "trimming", I don't think blindly swinging a trimmer around your nether region is well advised. LOL. Make the most of your hospital experience and make a nurse shave it all off!!!!