Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hot Strawberry Vomit

No, its not the name of the punk band I'll be forming...

The baby threw up on Henry...twice...both times it was hot strawberries. She has a fever of 102 that won't relent. We went through this in January too, minus the barfing, plus the seizure. When she gets a fever its really stubborn.

I have not had any luck finding postcards. I guess if you live in a city that no one really wants to visit, then there are no postcards.

I talked to my boss (via email) yesterday...the boss of whom I had low expectations. He was very supportive and cool. The other boss remained cold and removed.

Tonight, I applied online for a job that has a description matching mine exactly. I mean...exactly. I can't shake the idea that its very very possible that "they" laid me off, and they're flying a position to hire someone else. I have no idea how I will react if that proves true. If its NOT true, then this position is strangely identical to the one I just lost. Its weird. and I don't trust it. I feel very very uneasy about it. Its posted through a staffing agency so I don't know which company it is. I have a very icky feeling about it. I know I'm borrowing trouble...however...why would they do that to me? What did I do???

So that's that today.

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  1. strawberry vomit is NASTY. Almost made me throw up in my mouth myself.

    AS for that job you applied for...Companies these days are nuts. They're...dare I say...desperate to cut down on the bottom line. If they paid you $X an hour, and they could go down the street and pay a temp agency $X an hour plus 2 and not have to cover insurance or any other benefits, then they're going to jump on it...while the employee suffers by only getting paid half of what the agency is getting paid. That's what it's like working where I am...only we're kind of like the temp agency. I keep hearing that the people who worked my job made 2 and 3x what I make and *I*m doing more work. It freakin sucks, you know? But hang in there, babe...I HONESTLY think it's the economy and the companies freaking out. If all else fails, you're more than welcome to pack everything up and move to Indy. I can help you find a job. ;) XOXO