Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kindergarten is giving ME ulcers

Holy crap this is annoying.

Here's the reader's digest:

Last tuesday was Cliff's Kindergarten physical, which as mentioned before, he was dreading. No phone call to say "oh btw, we're out of the vaccine so let's reschedule". But I've already covered that.
So they say on Tuesday "call on Friday we should have it then".

So I called Friday. They said "Call on monday, we should know more then."

So I called Monday. They said "Call on Wednesday, we should know more then."

Well between Monday and Wednesday lies Tuesday, which was the day Kindergarten pre registration starts. I had called the school a dozen times to ask various silly questions and they never mentioned there was a packet of paperwork. So I showed up today, hoping that they'd let me "pre-register" because I had everything required except THAT vaccination. But it wasn't on THEIR blue forms.

How friggin' maddening is that? so I have to go BACK to the dentist and have them fill out the stupid blue form. And since I have to EVENTUALLY, IF they EVER get the FREAKING vaccine in, go back to the doctor anway, I will have them fill out the other stupid blue form. If they give me any flack whatsoever after all the put-0ffs, I swear you will see me on the evening news!

Honestly, I can roll with a few punches but a) why does everything seem to be so effed up right now. The loss of my job, and a billion details much less important...all effed up b) why can't people communicate c) why are incompetent people working in school offices when competent communicative people like myself needs jobs? and d) how do stupid, unmotivated, uninformed, lazy, thoughtless people do all this? Stupid people without the damn ducks lined up manage to get their unvaccinated, unexamined children into kindergarten!!!!!! WTF people?!

Is it just me? Good Gravy Marie!!!!!


  1. I feel your pain. That's a bunch o' hooey! What in the world do they want to know about the dentist? Does California legislate dental care for toddlers now, too? Do they need a record of his poop schedule? Tell them you're morally opposed to dental care. That you believe in karma and that bacteria in teeth may be a person from another lifetime. Sign a waiver and initial it with "wtf".