Friday, April 24, 2009

Layoff FAQ

just clearing up a few things:

Q: where's Cliff/Amanda?
A: They are still enrolled in preschool/daycare. I will go part time with the daycare this summer and pull Amanda out completely in the fall when Cliff starts school...IF this plan continues to fruition.

Q: so are you enjoying your time off?
A: um...I got laid off so its kind of like someone ripped my ego out of where ever it lives within my heart, threw it out the window of a speeding car on the freeway, and then a propane transport truck came along and crushed it like a cheeto. Sooooo, no. Not enjoying my "time off" so much. yet. Its only been a month...ask me again...later.

Q: are you enjoying your free time?
A: what is that? I've been home less since I got laid off than when I was working and I worked from home!!!

Q: are you enjoying your extra time with the kids?
A: no. they are at school. They LOVE school. Even Amanda demands to go bye bye every day. Its made her very smart (well OK God made her smart but she has been very enriched by her school time) . Cliff is going to Kindergarten (what? you haven't heard??) so he needs the Pre-K curriculum and the activity.

Q (in form of statement): Man, you're lucky, I wish I could stay home with my kids
A: really? I have 2 words for you: cheeto dust.

Q: so are you looking?
A: yes. but the whole kindergarten thing is a reaaaaal pain in the ass because of the hours/time gap. We've been over this ad nauseum I think. I am trying to just take it one day at time and see what happens.

Q: do you guys have big plans this summer for a vacation, since you finally have some time off?
A: you're aware I have no income now, right?

Q (statement again): how nice that your kids are still in school but you have time for yourself!
A: yes. it is. thanks. (I've been working since I was 16 non stop except to give birth to children.
did my mother send you?)

Q: so are you feeling any better? how are you?
A: cupcakes

in all seriousness, thank you for the love and support during this ridiculous snippet of my life.
I feel very lucky to have the friends that I have!


  1. Preach it girl!!!!!!

    SAHMing it is NOT fun for a lot of us.

    I SO agree with you!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions all in one nice neat place. It gets tedious having to type out the questions, or speak them out loud, and then wait for a response. I like this way better!!I think you are handling all this remarkably well!!