Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Have you guys heard of this? I found this on Swistle's blog (same blog that gave me Mr. Pickles!)
I thought it was a cool idea. Maybe Cliff will think its cool. But even if he doesn't, I bet your kids will. Check it out (its a postcard project...send a postcard to a provided address, receive one from anywhere in the world!):

In totally unrelated news, I'm feeling more um...predictable in my emotions. Its been a month since my lay off. I honestly can't believe that. NOR can I believe that the man I worked for faithfully for 8 years, who supposedly cared about me, has not yet provided the letter of recommendation that I requested the day after I was laid off. A month is not enough time? (plus they knew it was coming probably for a month before I did.) I'm not important enough? I'm not worthy? I debated about sending and email, and I did it this morning. It was brief and casual. My stomach is in knots each time I read my email because I am anticipating some response that is going to set me on fire. I don't know why. After a month of not providing said letters (after saying they would), they haven't even responded to my email yet and it was sent 2 hours ago. How hard is it to say "Oh I'm so sorry I will get that to you as soon as I can. How are you?"

I'm disgusted. I'm trying to keep the bitterness at bay but its hard. So I'm going to get myself a post card at Long's (can one still FIND post cards?!) and make myself happy by sending somone in Finland (the address that was provided) a cheery card!

Oh but I was saying I felt more predictable. Well I do. I am less upset than I have been. But i want to put all this behind me and I can't really until I get these damn letters. Oh by the way, they also screwed me over on the COBRA they said they'd give me (3 months at no cost to me. Well I got the COBRA paperwork and the monthly premium is $400ish. Not so free, eh?)
So I have good days and bad days and while I'm trying to keep the bad stuff down, I have to allow myself to feel it or I won't get through this ugly grief process ever. Repression is not progress. Nor is it a forte of mine. I wish I could repress!

So while today is sort of if-y on a spiritual and emotional level, overall I am less of a mess than I was 2 weeks ago. And this week is somewhat better than last week. That's all I can ask for for now.

So I have the postcard thing to do...and you can bet I'll be making muffins or cupcakes soon!!

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  1. Hang in there....someone's gotta do your job over there now, right? ;)