Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Times when a phone call would be greaaaat....

So Cliff was scheduled for his big Kindergarten physical on Tuesday of this week. He has been terrified and dreading it (got the scoop from his friends) for weeks. He cried every time it was mentioned and all the way there. He was so freaked out that his BLOOD PRESSURE was high (he's in the 25th percentile for weight and height so he's not a fatty!). They took it twice. It was still high. Then...then they tell us that they are out of the MMR vaccine so we'll need to come back on Friday.

Seriously? Do you have any idea what you've done to this child? and now we have to repeat it on Friday?!

You have no idea how bad I wanted to slap someone. Well Ok I'm not really a slapper. But I really really did want to yell at someone.

Unhappy mommy!!

Would it be too much to call me and go "this is what's up and would you like to reschedule or would you like to come in and do everything but the shot and then come back for the shot?"
no choice. no call. Just child torture.

What a pisser. Poor Cliffy.


  1. oh no! I'm so sorry. At least you didn't do what I did..."Kellan, I promise you will NOT be getting a shot this time. Really, mommy promises, no shots." "Okay, sorry, mommy was wrong." He took me for all I was worth afterward at Target--icee, popcorn, & huge, lame Transformer toy that fell apart in 2 days and I would've never bought otherwise. Seriously, though, they told me there would be no shots that day! I felt so bad--like a big liar. So at least you aren't the liar! I'm sorry, poor Cliffy! Take your mom to Target and I'm sure she'll hook you up!

  2. he's already worked the target angle and then some! LOL
    and so they told me to call friday cuz the vaccine was supposed to come in...and it didn't come friday either!!!!
    so Monday? Registration is tuesday! I had the appointment scheduled last tuesday! idiots.
    His TB test won't be read until Wed but I imagine IF we can get the STINKING SHOTS on Monday that they'll let the TB result go one more day.

    This whole kindergarten thing just gives me hemorrhoids!! geeeez!!
    and then the job thing on top of it...its just..AAAARRRRRGGGH!!!!

    I'd like to give some people some shots!!! "Hold still Mr. Former Employer...this won't hurt a bit..."