Sunday, May 3, 2009

God, I love the internet

first of all, I guess I'll have to change the subtitle of my blog...the part about the "working mother".

Secondly, the title of this entry is literal. Dear God, thanks for making Al Gore so he could invent the internet. Ok sorry for the sarcasm. Really...whoever did it, thanks for making them.

I am daily touched and enriched by the connections I make on this abstract concept we call "the web". I learn the stories of people's struggles and joys and...its beautiful. yes that was jaded monkeys!!

And you can get cupcake recipes (and other kinds of recipes I suppose) by the truckload!!

And you can meet your husband.

and make numerous friends named Vicki and Kellie and Rachel and Jay (on message boards during times you need support, and in random chat rooms in 1997.) that you will keep for years.

And you can track your periods and fertility stuff (read: obsess) when you're trying to have a baby.

And you can google questions about breastfeeding.

And then you can google the symptoms of A.D.D once a year for five years, each time deciding that it doesn't quite fit, but!?

And then you can google cocktail recipes.

And then you can google for a counselor/therapist.

and then you can reconnect with friends from for.ev.ah ago like Jenny and Jen and Aimee and Jenn and Jen (man that was a popular name in the 70s!) and Shannon and Dawn (who needs to get on facebook!) Missy and Jamie and I will forget SO many and I'm sorry. (I always imagined that would happen in my academy awards acceptance speech. hmm. life is funny.) and join facebook and become a posting fool.

And you can join blogger and keep an online journal...a concept that would have baffled you in 1997. And you can find other people's online journals (Hi Nikole. in my mind you are forever linked to my Rx foot cream. oh, and the word "courageous") and cry about their journeys, and laugh about the ugly cakes that people make, and snort at 80's hairstyles, and laugh at how funny your own friends are, and somehow be touched enough to cry sometimes and feel SO blessed...and ...well the list goes on and on.

and no one will (is supposed to) care about your (lack of) punctuation and capitalization because its the substance that matters, DAMNIT.

subject change: so I felt the need for a background change. the green was kind of gloomy and moody, which, lets face it...was fitting for the last couple months. Mind you, I fully embrace my moody and gloominess but I was ready to let it go for now (plus I seem to get way more comments when I am fickle readers!!I'm totally going to talk about you at my next counseling appointment in regards to my "performance based acceptance" issues!) (there needs to be a period here, but you know what?! ha. I'm a rebel)

So I commenced a search for a background...but its hard *whine*. It needs to be perky and sassy and cupcake-y and not too serious but just a bit bitchy and oversensitive.

So, voila.

for now.