Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bittersweet Beach Trip

My mind is still in a blender because the dance recital is this coming thursday and its rather incredible how much emotional energy I have devoted to it. Every year at this time I am rendered incapable of complete sentences or thoughts and I'm tired even when I get enough sleep and I'm edgy and pissy. Cuz, ya know, I love dance. Dance is really so deeply rooted in my soul. But dude, getting a dance recital together is a pain in the ass!! And I'm not the studio owner!! I'm kind of her right hand woman...Ok not kinda. I am. I've given myself the title of artistic director. But anyway, its exhausting.

But we did manage to get away to the beach, all four of us, for an overnighter last week. I'll just hit the high points, shall I?

1) yaaaaay!!!!
2) 2 DVD players hung over the headrests for both children. yaaaaay
3) my children are terrible travelers. Its a 2 and a half hour ride. hello. heavy sigh.
4) as soon as the ocean comes into view as you finish up the Cuesta Grade, I swear to you, my heart feels lighter.
5) our hotel room suuuuucked. it was hot. a hot hotel room in Pismo is such a crappy thing. It was hard to sleep. it was hard to shower (we had both kids and no tub!!! an 18 month old in my arms in a shower that was too small to bend over in!!). Did I mention it was hot? Thank God we were only in it one night. We'd stayed there previously but at a different time of year (not stuffy and hot) and in a suite with a kitchen etc. Muuuuuch better. Note to self!!
6) I really need to wake up rich so I can have my OWN EFFING house over there. I hate myself for not having a place of some kind over there! damnit.
7) we played on the beach for a bit on Monday afternoon when we got there. The kids had a blast. It was overcast in Pismo but lovely. We found a clam, a live one, and Cliff thought it was the coolest thing ever.
8) I'm tired of my numbering...
* While on the pier, we became aware of a crowd and were then informed of the whales and dolphins off the end. And I don't mean one...There was a whole pod of whales feeding. I couldn't tell if it was the normal pismo variety of whales (Gray I think?) or something more exotic (humpback, I just learned DO feed off the coast of Morro Bay). They were breaching and tail flipping and everything!! I was ecstatic. I was SO my dad at that moment. I kept saying "wow" and a plethora of nerdy, excited things. (Whales are one of my favorite things, ever). Cliff waved his hand dismissively after the first 15 minutes and said 'eh, I'm over it'. Whose child is he?!
* Cliff and I flew kites together while daddy and tired/grumpy Mandy took a nap. It was nirvana. Just me and Cliff on the beach flying our kites. His kite is little so there isn't much heft. But my kite has some kick to it. So I let him feel how strong the wind felt in my kite. To me, I can totally imagine flying when I feel that wind in my kite. Its so cool. Course after he felt it and said "cool!!" he let it go so I had to chase it a few feet down the beach and step on the string. dork.
* we had yummmo BBQ for dinner and at it outside on the common porch area the hotel. The kids drove us in-fucking-sane. And we had to push a lounge chair to block the stairs cuz of psycho Amanda. psycho!
* Tuesday was even better. Breakfast at Brad's (a die hard tradition), check out of hotel, drive to Avila. OK, I practically grew up in Pismo and only came into Avila when Pismo was too cold. I always liked Avila for tanning and hanging out with dudes, but never really paid that much attention to it otherwise. But since they redid the town after the oil spill of I-danno-what-year, its SO awesome. Note to self: with kids- definitely Avila!!
* Amanda must have Pica (she is borderline anemic...) or have a calcium deficiency or something because she insisted on eating wet sand. Actually her technique was far more sophisticated...she would stick her binky in the mud and then eat the mud off of it, OR alternately, she would suck on smooth rocks. Idanno...I only grow the children, I don't claim to understand them!
* We got shaved ice, I did self application to my back with sunscreen and hence had a nice hand smear cuz my hubby doesn't like lotion on his hands (?!). Nor does he like to get wet. We think he might be made of sugar. Anyway, the highlight of my whole trip was standing in the shallow water at Avila, watching (mostly) Cliff play (Amanda was wandering) and just taking it in. The sun was warm and perfect, the water was cool. There was a slight breeze. My son's laughter was all around me. God, it was perfect. I never wanted to leave. I tried to freeze that moment in my mind. I tried so hard, I started to cry. I'm crying now. What a sap.
But I'm telling you...that was THE moment I needed. I just needed more of it. But alas, Amanda and daddy were grouchy again and it was time to hit the road.
* so we got a snappy hot dog (cliff ate the whole thing, call the news!) from the hot dog cart and left.
*the drive home is torture.

For all the "stuff" and trouble and whatnot, a day trip would have been OK. But since I hadn't been in so long I wanted to fit stuff in. Cliff and I (the party people) will do a day trip or two on our own soon.

So I'm glad I went. But I hate coming home. And I wish I'd had more time with just Cliff to enjoy it. Man, I wish I had a transporter and could just beam myself over there anytime. Just for a quick deep breath on the end of the pier. heavy sigh.

(this is the famous clam)

(this is just funny...not sure why I get a kick out of it...)

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  1. It's all part of the experience, right? The daddy-meltdowns, the baby-meltdowns, the run-away your "eff perfection, live in the moment" attitude.

    Loving all your vids. So fun to hear everyone's voices.