Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If only the motivation existed...

So I majored in business thinking that one day I would like to own my own. I always wanted a restaurant actually, which is funny since I've never so much as waited a table. But by about my Junior year of college, I realized that I'd sooner pluck out my nose hairs than own my own business. Too much commitment, too much work, no freedom (though you think you're getting freedom, you end up being owned by the business itself), the need to depend on other people to run your livelihood...I just wasn't up to it. But since I was not that into college (despite my good grades) I didn't want to make a U-turn and be a liberal studies major, or a marine biology major and start all over. I needed to get out from under my parents and ASAP. So I finished my business degree.

And while I have this fantasy about owning my own cupcake/website & print design/choreography/photography business, its just more than I can bite off.

But today I sampled cupcakes from 2 places in town and did a side-by-side taste test. The results are not really relevant except to say...I could do better. Yeah my decorating is novice. My friend Holly, who is trying to get her 2 year old through Leukemia (and is not supposed to have the time or energy to make bakery masterpieces!) makes some seriously awesome cakes and cookies; and my friend Dawn does better wedding cakes (with 5 kids at home whom she home-schools!) than some "professional" cakes I've seen! So yeah, my decorating is novice, but I could do better than some of what I've sampled. and I have a name, and a logo. I should just sell the idea. LOL

I'm tired just from talking about it. I need a nap. =P

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  1. Thanks for the compliment sis! If only we lived closer together we could get something off the ground! Hey, how about movin' to the Heart of Dixie with me and we'll bake up some southern treats :-)