Monday, June 29, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

Ok yeah I know my last posts were downers and bitchy and negative blah blah blah.
Oh well.

but guess what? I had a good day. shut up.

So first thing we did this morning was get out and run a couple errands. I drove across town to a place that does swim lessons and has other "stuff". I enrolled Cliff in swim lessons and tae kwon do. could he be any more excited? He held mandy's face tonight at bed and said "Mandy, are you so excited for me to start my kie tawn do?" and she said "yeah" in her little baby voice.

then we hit Babies R Us for a couple new baby gates. The one that blocks our bathroom has a pedal you step on to release it and Cliff is not heavy enough to engage it so he can't pee without assistance, which totally defeats the purpose of have an independent kindergartner!!

Then we came home and did art: play doh (Mandy ate a fair amount), paint (magic kind that only paints on special paper AND the real kind that gets everywhere), some markers and stuff. Then I put Mandy AND the paint brushes in the tub to play. Wait, the brushes don't play. Mandy does. bad syntax. whatever.

I installed the gate and the kids "helped" me. Then Mandy took a THREE hour nap. I kept looking at the clock to make sure it was true.

Everything was great! I AM competent!! who knew!?! When Henry came home both kids went all nutty and goofy, but other than that, today rocked.

I was also able to put aside some of my dance anxieties.

So as Mondays go it was pretty damn good!!

I am having second thoughts/terror/anxiety about the PM kindergarten thing. I am pretty sure I will NEED to get a job before he's out of Kindergarten. How is that possible with a PM kindergartner? I'd have to have someone come TO my house for BOTH my kids and be responsible for getting him TO SCHOOL!! that's crazy. There are 2 people I would trust to do it (excluding family, who is not volunteering LOL) and maybe God will work it out that they could do this for us. Assuming I could make any decent amount of money I could probably make it worth their while and I've "put it out there". We know what happens when you "put something out there" with God...he arranges things sometimes in a surprising manner. I, at one point, "put it out there" in clear terms with God that I would like it if He could figure out a way for me to stay home with the kids. We all know what happened. LOL

Money in general is making me nervous. Especially taxes next April. This year is so effed up and now that the all holy Obama is in office, our taxes will go up even more so we are pretty screwed.

I'm scurrrrred.

But whatever. Today was good. that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!


  1. Wow. Competent? Try over shot the mark! Paint? IN the house? Hells, bells, that's what Sunday School is for! Dumb it down a little. You're wearing me out!

  2. I do glitter too. and if amanda was not so...amanda...I would do it more often. Henry loathes glitter. It actually makes him grouchy, which is the exact opposite effect that glitter should have on a person. It must be a glitter allergy.

  3. "Mandy, are you so excited for me to start my kie tawn do?"