Thursday, July 2, 2009


I love that word. (day-new-moi) It means the resolution to a conflict and its mostly a literary term.

Things are feeling better. The schedule is still a non schedule and I'm a bit frustrated with that. I have the kids in "school" part time but I'm so tempted to pull them out. HOWEVER, I have no one to baby sit for me regularly. So if I have a Dr. appointment or a car appointment or something that I need to do with just one child, I'm kinda screwed. And frankly, I'm going to be in the position soon enough anyway.

So here's my week so far

Sunday - mental melt down

Monday - art and mostly happy chaos

Tuesday - took all three dogs to the vet at different times, had lunch with one of the dancers, and then came home and melted.

Wed - rushed around all morning to the point of total exhaustion. I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday because I almost felt flu-ish. And I bawled all damn day. Well, the latter was mostly Dawn's fault ;) So anyway, Cliff was at school so Mandy and I (once we managed to get out of the house because I felt so crappy) went to Babies R Us and then to the gym to pick up cliff's Taekwondo uniform (the lady had told me to come 10 minute early and get it at the proshop directly before his class. Uh, not my style.). Let me explain that I am on one side of town the gym is on the polar opposite side of town and this is a very spread out town!! So anyway, yeah, the pro shop is completely OUT of everything having to do with TKD. yay. We're still on Wed, right? Ok. So I drove around for 2 more hours to get his uniform. Got everything but the dobak (the robe and pants get-up). sigh. Got home and Amanda was so tired, despite having slept in the car, that we just melted into the chair. I called my mom (knowing she wouldn't babysit) and asked if dad was home. No, he wasn't. damnit. But then he came home and said he'd stay with her while I took cliff BACK to the other side of the world for his class. yay papa!! I have 1 hour and it takes more than 30 minutes to get to that side of town. But, always living on the edge, I pop into an east side martial arts place and pick up a gi, not a dobak, but close en-damn-nough. Rush to get Cliff, rush to dress Cliff, rush to figure out how to work a jock/cup, laugh at him running and telling me it tickles when he runs, get in the car and attempt to drive fast on Rosedale Highway at 4pm. snort. Arrive on time. turns out the equipment I bought is branded with the logo of the gym's competition so I have to get new (which the pro shop is out of until next week. losers. I'm an inventory manager by trade, that's just stupid when you know a new term is starting!) or cover up the logo. White duck tape, here I come! Cliff rocked and we got home and whew, day over! Oh wait, gave the kids dinner and a bath and THEN ran to walmart for said white duck tape. THEN, put them to bed.

If you are tired reading that, you may have a minor idea of how exhausted I was having DONE it. Oh, did I mention HOW HOT it was?! not helpful. I really hate this town in the summer but...UGH. I'm trapped!

Thursday - wake up actually feeling human. Send Amanda off to school. Cliff and I go to his first swim lesson at 11. He graduates to the next level on the first class. Only cried for a few seconds and sucked it up. (there was a little girl bawling in another class the whole time and she reminded me of me when I took lessons) Then we had lunch and ice cream and came home for a bit and I wrapped up some personal business. Then at 3ish we picked up Mandy and headed to TKD at the other location. Mandy is like an untrained monkey. sigh. I wish I didn't have to take her with me to his stuff. So about 20 minutes in, I recognize a certain posture on Cliff and realize he's crying. He and the instructor come out and together we talk to Cliff. I had to give him the "no one is perfect the first time they try something" talk. Damn perfectionist gene...he apparently got it. Poor baby. So he did not want to go back out but he DID. Good little man. Then right before the class ended, he got all suited up to spar, and was sparring (his first) with another little boy (which is weird to watch- a kid coming at your son with legs a firin', and your son kicking back). then I notice another certain posture and realize Cliff is barfing. Nothing dramatic. His mouthguard gagged him and voila. barf. I felt bad for the instructor. But Cliff went BACK and watched. Must get smaller mouthguard, which they do not have in stock because they are losers. I trimmed that thing to death and it still gagged him. sigh. He must have my tiny mouth too.
What day are we on? I'm tired.
Oh yeah, that brings us to now, where I am watching so you think you can dance and crossing my fingers that Kayla and Kupono do not go home. I hate when I get all invested and heartbroken.

AND in related news, I am getting excited and inspired about next year's dances. This is a good sign.

Time for bed. Hopefully next week will be more predictable? sigh. I think that may be what I miss about working.

Stay tuned.

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