Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

I don't know what day it is. Frankly the weekend is not really any different than a weekday when you're staying at home with the kids. Not that I would know because I have had to farm them out all week due to multiple appointments: activities for Cliff, massage for me, counseling for me. yay for Kelly getting counseling, eh? LOL shut up y'all.

Cliff did great in TKD yesterday. He cried just a little at first but got over it. He and the other boys kinda got in trouble for looking at the girls (the gymnasts) too much and talking/not paying attention so they did laps and crabwalks and other stuff. Cliff is sore! He's 5! LOL He also thinks stretching is horrid. However, he got all suited up and DID get to spar...WITHOUT barfing! yay!! He was really good. I had a blast watching him. I swear I beam and glow with motherly pride the whole time. As he was suiting up the instructor gestured to me, through the sound proof glass, to ask if the mouth guard had been trimmed or whatever. I gestured back, yes, thumbs up. He gestured that if Cliff upchucked, the other instructor was cleaning it this time! Silent laughter through sound proof glass by all parties.

Then Cliff's friend from school showed up for her swim lessons. Cliff was waving and showing off. The instructors asked if she was his girlfriend. (Again, I can't hear, I can only see the gestures and read the lips a little.) I see Cliff answer no, then I see the instructors burst into hysterial laughter. Turns out he answered "No, my girlfriend is 16 and tall and blonde" (referring to my dancer/his babysitter/true love Kaylee).

Today he had his swim lesson and did awesome again. I beamed the whole time.

I ran my ass off again today. Get kids off to school via hubby, check. Go to hospital to see friend and new baby, check. Get Cliff and drive waaaaay across town to swim lessons, check. Drive alllllll the way back, check. Have lunch with cousin, check. Get massage and facial, check. pick up kids, check. blah blah blah. Tomorrow is another busy day. Guh!

However, I am happy. Look! woot.

and I found out that so you think you can dance has a FALL season this year. ooooooo...insert giddiness here!!

Maybe I should change my blog name. I'm thinking..."Post-it notes from the padded room"

"Confessions of my other personalities"

"I'm fine, and so am I"

"What? shut up! I am not!"

"Notes from Off the Nut"

hmmm...need a new background too.

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