Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Background

I love decorating. Every kind of decorating. I love glitter and glue. I love furniture and throw pillows. I love painting walls. No, correction... I love paying someone to paint my walls. I love frosting cupcakes. I love designing t-shirts and web pages. I love choreographing, which is like decorating a dance floor, if you will. And when I decorate, my personality comes out whether I want it to or not.

I felt like my blog needed an update again. So I was searching for something that said "I'm a little crazy but not usually in a scary way, but also creative and whimsical, passionate, and sometimes articulate." Does it say any of that to you?

Also, why is decorating my house such a focus for me? I visit other people's houses and some are well put together, and some are just ordinary. I have been in new homes in the northwest that are like show homes and I have been in new homes that are very humble and unimpressively furnished. Probably because the residents don't have my issues. I have always found great joy in feathering my long as I can remember. That is not to say that if you come in my house you're gonna go "wow!! HGTV watch out!" uh, no. But its clear I have some sense of style cuz my dining room walls are a silvery purple color, and my bedroom has one red wall, and my accent color in the front rooms is orange. blah blah blah. So why is this important to me, I wonder. Is it cuz I'm artsy, or just antsy? Maybe its both. When we moved into this house, before I did anything, I bought art for the walls. I am an art-for-the-walls freak! I get an idea in my mind and go digging in the depths of to find just the right statement. I mean, I looooove the art on my walls. The Klimt in my bathroom, the O'keefe in the hallway, the whoever that is canvas trio in my living room, the I-forgot-his-name-famous-water-scene in my dining room, the water color Dawn's son Noah did when he was like 3 of my 2 dogs and Inky (pre-Travis). I decorated my room once based on some artwork Cliff did at daycare! I framed it and based the whole room on it! I would spend all my time and money on framing crap.
Anyway, when we moved in here, I had to have one room that felt finished so it was the living room. I quested obsessively for a mantle piece of art that was long and skinny, vertically. when that room was finished, I felt like I had a place of retreat where I could rest. I guess otherwise, it just bugs me.

Is that an issue or just a quirk or neither?

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