Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ode to Mary Murphy

If you don't watch "so you think you can dance" you probably have no idea who Mary Murphy is, or how endearingly annoying her screaming is, or how enthusiastic and passionate and supportive she is of the dancers, or how much she screams, and hoots and hollars and generally acts like someone that was released from an asylum.

Cliff watched with me tonight and said about her "she's off her nut! she's like you, mom"


yes. yes she is.

So in case there was ANY doubt, I AM off my nut!!!!

And I couldn't be more pleased with this pronouncement. I don't at all mind being that variety of crazy. The crazy I don't want to be is the kind that you are not aware you are...only other people can tell. Its the invisible crazy that I fear.

I am feeling very inspired for the next round of mental torture I call "dance classes". I'm changing up the format a bit this year and my brain is awash in nifty ideas. And some of my dancers who wandered off for a bit are coming back! yay! I'm excited!

Cliff did awesome in Taekwondo (heretofore to be referred to as "TKD" for ease of typing!) today.

And...I've been missing my babies every time they're at school. I think I'm back. Not sure where I went or what the license plate was of the alien mothership who had me, but I'm back. Anyway, I've been having all these damned appointments and things so I've been having to take them on days they aren't scheduled and I'm bugged by it. Granted, one of the reasons they have to go this week is so I can get a MUCH freakin' needed massage!!!! But anyway, I miss them! And I had all these things I wanted to do with them this summer and I feel like its going to be over in no time. Well I wish the summer part of summer would be over but not the time off part. I want to do more beach trips, a trip to the LA museum of natural history, a trip to the LA zoo (cuz fresno is too hot!), and a couple other things. We'll see...

I am praying/looking for/wishing for a miraculous working from home job to appear on my radar. So if you're collecting prayer requests, please add that to your list.

And now, in true Mary Murphy style, I shall end this post: woooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Yes I will!! I will!! Yes! wooooohooo!!!!


  1. Consider yourself prayed for...;-)

    God Bless,

  2. thanks Jane! (am I being prayed for because my mental status is obviously declining, or for my job sitch? LOL)

    Dawn told me you were keeping tabs on my meltdown week...I really appreciate you thinking of me and praying for me. It helped. I'm still crazy but "normal crazy"!!

  3. Praying for you "just because"...besides, haven't you heard? Crazy is the new normal. ;-)

    God Bless,