Monday, August 31, 2009

Fly By Post

Week 2 of Kindergarten. All is going well. Cliff was greeted enthusiastically at the gate by a darling little girl named Kaitlyn today. Then they waited for Audrey. And on the way out he said goodbye to Alyssa. And then we talked about Bailey. She's blonde and smiles at him...alot. And she has a cute smile and he likes it.

He did greet 2 boys so far. LOL

Been too busy to write much more. Children driving me in.sane. Dogs also. Patio finished. Looks nice. Before and after photos soon...when I have a few more minutes.

Just wanted to post that we are alive and I haven't hurt or maimed anyone so no need to send the Police to look for me or anything.

Must go shut damn dog up and move plant I just purchased, which is now in shock, to shade. I am not good with plants and Henry and my mother both give me enormous amounts of crap when I buy them. This is just a coleus. They are terrifically hearty but the snails devoured my last batch. The first batch did great and I forget what happened...froze during winter maybe. Then snails ate batch 2. Now on batch 3 and one big pot looks fantastic, the other is all wilty and pathetic. I know its shock. But I have to rectify it so I don't have to hear it from the plant woman/my mother. =)

stoooopid dog. She's lost her flipping mind!!

more soon!


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