Monday, August 17, 2009

God reads my blog...?

I am still chewing on this but you know how I posed the question "Am I missing something?" in the post below? Well, apparently God is reading my blog.

And when you ask God to talk to you, sometimes you get a burning bush.

Ok I didn't get a burning bush but it feels that way to me at the moment. I am discerning a great deal of information that has just been dropped on me. Its too much, too personal, too obscure to share at the moment. I am tempted to just blather on about every detail but you might not follow me or see why I'm so...wowed...and maybe its just meant for me. we'll see.

I have pretty much been "told" that it is time for me to DO something. the "something" is still blurry but coming into focus quickly and startlingly. But things I have been pulled toward and questions that I have had about very specific purposes for myself have been thrust back at me with a "yes!" and I'm terrified and thrilled and not sure what to do with myself.

So stay tuned. maybe we'll get to see this thing flesh out...