Saturday, August 1, 2009

Its a fact

Its a fact that coffee DOES have more caffeine than an equal amount of tea. I manage to have this argument about once a month with someone. I feel obligated to defend my copious tea drinking I guess. And don't get me wrong, with the amount of tea I drink, its enough to keep a horse awake. BUT its less than if I was an all-day coffee drinker. Anyway, you can google it for yourself. Or here, I did it for you. Here too

its a fact that my children are very articulate. At Mandy's 18 month appointment I had to fill out some developmental questionnaire. plffft. And then the doctor asked me equally silly questions: "is she walking well?"


"about how many words would you say she says?"

"I marked over 30 on the questioinnaire. I have lost count."

To which she said, with just a tiny bit of incredulity and condescension in her voice: "Ooooh, that's greeaaaat", as if she was thinking "oh moms are so silly".

Henry didn't believe me either! He said "30 is alot. I don't think she has THAT many"

alright fine. you want me to pull out the "mommy knows best" or the "insufferable know-it-all" card??? HERE!

Mandy's current vocabulary (July and August 2009)

bite, more, milk, water, whats that, yes, no, mama, dadda, bubba, papa, mimi, martha, baby, hot, up, poppoo, peepee, binky, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, belly button, foot, mine, elmo, spider, ball, mona, inky, meow, moo, snake, shoes, book, duck, bye bye, spongebob, yellow, green, flower, owie, eat, please, cookie, pancake, cheese, ice, apple, uh-oh, hi, fish, this, yeah, manda, thank you, all done, love you...

and in case you lost count, that was well over 50. And she constantly sings, though alot of it is gibberish, there are some other words in amongst the babble. (did you notice how many of those words were food? lol)

I'm just sayin'. Don't question me. damnit.


  1. fact: i only drink one cup of coffee a day. myth: i do not NEED coffee. fact: when i don't drink it i have a headache. fact: i don't like that. i stopped drinking coffee this week because it pissed me off.

    fact: your baby IS very articulate. AMAZING AMANDA! watch out mommy. i see the future; you have met your match. intelligence+high verbal skills=trouble for mommy. meet mine, her name is natalie. i'm partially bald and have become a pantry drinker to cope.

    love you

  2. pantry drinker. LOL!!!
    yes I have NO doubt that Amanda is my match. I knew this when I was pregnant and knew she was a girl. I knew she was a girl at conception but when it was confirmed, I actually got kinda freaked out for a couple weeks. Her birthday is 2 days away from mine and I just always knew she was a mini-me. She is maddening. I can only imagine the knowitall contests when she's a teenager. Although Cliff is already a know it all at age 5! So maybe when she's like...THREE?? Yeah I am totally scared. really.
    when I find notes in Amanda's backpack about how much she thinks I am a drag, I'll call you, come right over and raid your pantry!!!! (well maybe I'll ASK you to get the liquor cuz of the scorpion and all that).

    Just drink your coffee. if you're only at 1 cup, you're fine! its not that bad for you, headache or not. or switch to tea and get more antioxidants. tea is probably a good way to wean yourself, if you really feel the need to.

    thx for the comment. Wish you coulda been at dinner/drinks the other nite!!