Friday, August 14, 2009


Did I mention my book-reading injury? I never read. I hate reading. But I got sucked (haha) into the Twilight series and devoured (haha) it in like 10 days (all 4 books. no, 3 books. I didn't read the first). In the process I tweaked my neck really bad due to contorted positions to hold the "book" (which was really my iphone because I downloaded the kindle app. rockin!) This was like 3 weeks ago and my neck is STILL not right. It is a legitimate injury. it sucks.

I was thinking about all the stuff I've done to and around the house since losing my job. Let's recap:

1) discovered my fetish for cupcakes
2) refinished all my dining room furniture, very successfully I might add, with a cool finish
3) repainted my dining room a much happier color and re-accessorized with happy orange.
4) got the long-desired bookshelves for living room and paid a lovely handy man to assemble them so as not to have to hear Henry swearing at them for 3 months because with our kids and about 15 spare minutes a day, that's how long it would have taken. Money well spent. They look great in my living room and perfectly match a piece of furniture I bought at Urner's in 2004!
5) re-accessorized and re-bed-spreaded my bedroom
6) "redid" Henry's bathroom (tore out ancient ugly mirror/medicine cabinet + refinished much neglected cabinets and changed hardware=minor miracle achieved for next to nothing!)
6) organized my purses and hats!
7) donated 6 bags of clothes to the Goodwill!
8) got started on "cleaning" (using the term very loosely) the closets
9) organized many files and drawers
10) unloaded 3 large drawers of CDs and put them in a binder!!! yaaaay!!
11) re-worked backyard space (in the process actually)
12) got new dining room chairs (pretty big money, all told, and a big deal to me)

can't think of anything else at the moment. Never did get around to all the "picture" projects I have for myself, like updating the kids' memory albums (I don't scrapbook)and sending out the mini albums I bought to the relatives I bought them for, and adding the pictures to Mandy's baby book, and stuff like that.

though I DO update the baby book regularly and I keep a journal for both kids of the funny things they do and say.

Speaking of which, I just updated both kids' baby books tonight and cried. I can't believe how fast time is going by. Cliff is starting Kindergarten in just over a week!!! Its really hitting me. Oh shut up. I know I talk about it ALL the time, but the reality is hitting baby boy is going to Kindergarten. I'm not sure if I can do this. I'm going to fall apart. My sweet little monster is growing up SO fast.
And Amanda is too! Man she's SO ornery! And she talks so well.

I can't believe how fast they are growing. I'm not ready for college and weddings yet! And its happening like...tomorrow! Will he call me regularly? Will they marry nice people that I can tolerate and who help during holiday dinners? Will he really be a stunt man? And if so, will he call me every time he wraps an important scene so I know he's OK? will they be able to tolerate me? will they let me see my grandchildren? Oh my God, I need to go take an Ativan! He's going to Kindergarten!!

Subject change. Cliff got the fish I promised him if he finished Taekwondo. His TKD teachers' names are Pete and Basani. So guess what the fish are named? =) cliff and I spent the day together today, just the 2 of us. It was great. Our last mom and cliff day will be next friday. Hold on...I'm gonna cry again...

breathe breathe...

And um...Henry and I met for the first time 12 years ago this weekend. We had been talking online for a month and were already totally in love, but had never met. I had barely seen ONE picture of him!!! can you freaking imagine?! It was a picture of him in front of Berkeley Square and he's wearing sunglasses. So I couldn't see his eyes, the shape of his face or anything. and he's not smiling so I couldn't see his teeth, or if he had any!! I of course, was careful to provide him with plenty of reasons to fall in love with me. or lust. whatever. Lord I would seriously pay money to look like that again. but anyway, I digress. So on August 16, 2007 he drove down here to meet me. And the rest is history. alot of history actually. What a crazy story we have...from the very start. Crazy people=crazy story. Crazy people=crazy kids. Crazy kids are growing up SO fast.


  1. Oh you are so GOOD! Look at all the work you've gotten done!

  2. LOVE the new look on the blog!!

    And, my, my, my, what how tall and sure you stand with your sash squarely displayed across your glorious and ample bosom. You, my friend, are excelling! You didn't even mention all of the glitter and tkd you've enriched them with!

    Smile and wave. Smile and wave.