Friday, August 21, 2009

Now if we could have met her, I would actually shut up...

So I've called Nichols like 10 times since enrollment. Each time, they told me they'd post classes on August 21st. I assumed it would be during the day. Ooooh but I'd assume wrong! Because most of MY assumptions are based on reasonable actions on the part of the school. stupid kelly! I went with Cliff this morning and no, the classes are not posted until after 5pm. What? really? Am I on candid effing camera? Cuz this is really just silly at this point. Stupid. Ridiculous. Outrageous. All my other friends are facebooking and blogging about Kindergarten orientation. We get Mystery Teacher Behind Door Number X.

Anyway, I went back this EVENING and he is AM Kindergarten and has Mrs. Zachary. I am posting her name because I am sure all of my poor readers will be hearing something about her, and probably frequently, in the future.

I have no idea where to pick him up. Do I go in the classroom? Do I hover outside? I have no idea how the cafeteria works. Do I send him with money? Nothing gets mailed to us to inform us of anything. Do these people get their training from the EDD?

I'm sure that looking back on this at some point, I will go "Man, I was alllll nutted up over nothing". But I'm not there yet. I feel like the one salmon swimming up a stream of logic.

My mom, I'm sure after 36 years of becoming exhausted while watching me battle the world, keeps trying to down play it and say it'll be fine, it's fine, we didn't have orientations when you guys were little, Cliff will be fine. yes, he'll be fine, but that's not the point. Its the principle. its always the principle with me. My boxing gloves are on, man. I think this kind of NON information and NON communication with the parents is inexcusable and totally unnecessary and frankly, just plain lazy on the part of the school. I'm sure she is very tired of seeing that wild look in my eye and hearing the exasperation in my voice. She probably wishes that I were way more chillaxed about the whole thing. But then, I wouldn't be the Soapbox Diva, now, would I? Sorry mom, ranting is my calling. I am, therefore I rant.

I just want to be prepared, as a mother, and a human. Is that so wrong? Its the crux of my life...being prepared. its why I carry a purse big enough to carry Amanda in, and why my car looks the way it looks. I have everything with me all the time. You need clippers, I have clippers. You need tape? yep. Tampons? yep. (although I haven't required one in 7 years, TMI sorry.) nasal spray, eye drops, curling ribbon, snacks, disco music, safety pins, hats, socks, baby wipes? yep! I have never run out of anything EVER. We've never been out of toothpaste, toilet paper, lotion, milk...I don't run out of things. I am an inventory management queen. The milk carton screams at me "I am at my order point now". Its the product of both my first job, my college education, and my genes. Can't be helped. So in this vein, I also want to be prepared for my baby boy. I want to know where to go and when and how it will work so I can help him. Yes its somewhat for me too, I'm not in denial about that. But again, he is a it too much to ask for some advance notice and information?

Its actually a good thing that my patio project, which is moving slower than the school district, is going on to distract me somewhat from the kindergarten issue. Can you imagine if ALL of my considerable energy was devoted to JUST the kindergarten issue?

Be afraid people, be very afraid. The capricorn-aquarius-type-A-who-thinks-she's-a type-B-genetically-predisposed-to-anal-retention-german-girl-who-dyed-her-hair-red to-match-her-personality-and-who-is-a-fiercely-protective-individual has a soapbox and isn't afraid to use it!!


  1. Seriously, even thought I was one of the ones telling you to chillax, that is seriously stupid--no letter or anything?! telling you something?! school supply list? you should have him show up naked and say, "what? he was supposed to wear clothes? no one told me. humpf."

    Move out of California. It might kill you to stay.

  2. nothing. nada. squat. the website has the uniform stuff listed. But its not "enforceable" since its public school. I have NO clue about anything. And probably because its a public school they figure, screw it cuz no one will do anything we ask anyway. But that's really unfair to those of us who actually give a shit and wnat to know where to pick up our kids and how the cafeteria works. Yeah we didn't get a letter in the mail or anything. no orientation. retarded. seriously retarded.

    Other school districts, even poorer ones, do alot more than this one. I am just lucky. God wants me to be frustrated or learn how not to be frustrated or something... *Snort* its gonna be a long ride, God. I hope you brought some good tunes!

    yeah California in general is pretty retarded. I don't get the feeling that the time is now, but I'm no longer opposed to leaving this state. My nephew just went to Oregon. Maybe my whole family will follow him. LOL