Monday, September 28, 2009

The Death of Language

I am pretty hip to the language of the internet, and to some of the lingo of those damn youngins. I met Henry on the internet in 1997 so I have known what LOL and ROTF and BRB and BTW etc etc etc mean for a long time, and because I am old school internet, I tend to still type my actions in asterisks, like we did in the chat rooms of old. i.e. "*EG* well IMO, you'd have a hard time winning that one" (EG=evil grin)
or as another example "Ok, have a good day *hugs*". anyway, I know the internet has its own language. I have had to step down not only my expectations but come to terms with many things that bothered me. For instance, on Facebook, you type your status after your name so it goes: KELLY "blah blah blah". And when I first got on facebook this kind of thing really curdled my blood: "PAM I am not ready for Monday" or "LINDA hungry" where I felt it should have been "PAM is not ready for Monday" and "LINDA is hungry". I guess not everyone is ready to talk about themselves in the third person so I got over it and joined the substandard club. I now talk about myself in the third OR first person without blinking. We all get it, its ok. relax Kelly.

I have added words that aren't really words to my vocabulary like "ginormous", although I refuse to add words like "orientated". I have ranted many times about the abuse of the English Language. Orientated is at the top of my pet peeves. Anyway, I AM flexible. But I have to draw a line somewhere.

Below is a snip from a series of comments on Facebook from a young girl I know. I can barely stand to read it, it literally hurts me in my gut, or my brain, or someplace vague that I can't quite put my finger on. (And I know that that sentence should have read: someplace on which I can not put my finger. But that's just lame)

Ok, so...enjoy. vomit at will, but clean up after yourself:

GIRL 1: hey guys mii mamma just got a job nd now that she has da money she wants mii to join some kind of dance again nd i was thinking about cheer... do you think i should do it?? 9 hours ago

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Girl 2 likes this.

Girl 3 at 6:29pm yesterday
no cheer! haha i tried it 4 3 years. it wasnt that fun haha

Girl 1 at 8:08pm yesterday
ocay hahaha thxs

Girl 4 at 8:51pm yesterday
haha i tried it i loved it i wanna do it again gosh Girl 3 such a lozer

It goes on like that at some length. Girl 1 is the big offender. Its someplace between internet speak, baby talk, and some ridiculous made up language where one uses words like Mii instead of ME , and Godfather-esque accents, i.e. "da money".

WHO spells "OK" ocay? Okay, OK, K...but Ocay?!?! WTF!?!

Here are links to my lengthy rants regarding language, and its looming death.


  1. DUDE! Move over and make some room for me up there on that soap box. This is also related to some previous fb post you made about the death of professionalism. Since when is "Ya" or "Yep" appropriate responses in any situation (exceptions include, beer night with the ladies and poker night with the guys). Certainly not appropriate with strangers or phone conversations. Am I right?!

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