Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Mandatory Comment Post

Alright, here it is guys. I need your comments. And I want you to be serious.

If you could magically put me on the perfect path, in the perfect career, what would it be?

What do YOU think my "calling" is?

I know some of you don't really "know" me. go with your gut. Most of you have known me for a long time. So if you could pick the perfect "thing" for me to do, what would it be?

or if you by some chance got the fax from God that He meant to send to me, please tell me what it said.

What should I do?

(and just so you know, for some reason, posing this question to y'all makes me feel kinda giddy and nervous. I've always been the know it all with all the answers and I rarely ask for opinions. But I seriously want to know what the people who know me think.)

so cough up your comment. please. ;)


  1. Counseling. I probably "know" you least of all, but I would say from your writing that family and children are very important to you, n'est-ce pas? Even though you have shared your struggles here with discerning family/child choices, I think your experiences would lend themselves to counseling-type work. Often times, the best therapists are those who have walked a mile in the same footsteps. Besides, I firmly believe that God will take the experiences we have--even the difficult ones--and use them to bring about good. (Plus, I have a few friends in this line of work and the hours are very flexible!)

    Or, a tattoo artist. ;-)

    Maybe a little less job stress?

    God Bless,

  2. Dance studio something. Fine Arts teacher something. Enrichment curriculum position. You're great at connecting with people. You're a great mentor to young people. You have to express yourself creatively or you die. Some where where people solicit your opinion or you're contractually obligated to provide it. You need to be in a community where people can "handle" you--appreciate you. :) You have so many facets and you're anything but simple and vanilla. You need a fit where you can put your mark on everything from the front door to the toilet paper dispenser. It has to be in the arts community. You're too talented to waste it on any more propane assholes.

    Good luck, Kel. It's hard to wait for your life to unfold. But you know there's a Plan and I know you'll be a force wherever you're used.

    p.s. God doesn't fax any more. He Tweets...Twitters. Duh.

  3. EVENT PLANNER!!! You are creative, organized, detail orientated, full of energy....did I say creative? AND you will need assistance....I know someone that can assist and is trustworthy like that! Think about small ad somewhere and you are in business for yourself!

  4. Judy, you are on to something there. I have a file where I had complied all the makings of a wedding planner business before the kids were born. but I had second thoughts about it and then the kids were born. the second thoughts arose from the fact that humans are annoying and brides are evil. Then all the shows on TLC started cropping up and validated my point. brides are evil. But really the problem I have with this is the weekend commitments. I can't be at a wedding every weekend at this point in my children's lives. maybe later.

    however, "event" planning I could do. but I'm afraid I'll get in over my head. I mean, yeah, I can pull together a business luncheon or company picnic or something with great finesse, but...eeek!!!!

    I know diddly about billing and payroll and AR and all that so someday maybe you can help me with that.

    Jane, tattoo artist sounds very appealing actually. make my own hours, inflict pain on willing participants, draw there a tattoo artist school? LOL no? good!! I have no desire to go back to school and yet...sometimes I feel its inevitable. I don't wanna!!!

    I feel called to counsel in some ways, but maybe not in a clinical environment per se. a book? some kind of women's group? how do I get paid to do that? =)

    Jenny, you hit the nails on the heads...all of them. create or die...yes. get paid for it...the quest.

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